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Wichita holiday shoppers are out and accidents are everywhere on Rock Road, Kellogg and Maize Road

Wichita holiday shoppers are out and accidents are everywhere on Rock Road, Kellogg and Maize Road

Tis’ the season for shopping and there are many accidents on Wichita roads. If you are still doing your holiday shopping then you have noticed how busy the roads and highways are with people getting their Christmas shopping done. I know of 3 accidents yesterday on Rock Road. Bad weather is also reported to be headed our way adding to the bad car wreck possibilities.

If you get into one of these Holiday accidents what should you do? Because it is Christmas and you are busy, make sure you follow these steps if you find yourself in a car wreck. You need to take care of yourself and not worry that it is a holiday.

Call the police and call Sedgwick County EMS if there are injuries

Take photographs of the car damage and all injuries

Go to the hospital at Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi St. Francis or Via Christi St. Joseph or Galichia ER to find out what your injuries could be. This is vital because they can run the tests needed to find out what may need to be done. For example, if you have whiplash you will need to stabilize your neck for proper healing and to prevent further injury.

Describe all your injuries to the doctor. Do not leave anything out. Wherever you are feeling pain let the doctor know. Diagrams are often given to the accident victim in order to help explain the body parts you are experiencing tenderness.

If you have a bruise, cut, scrape or laceration, make sure that you ask for antibiotics to prevent any possible infections. When you are injured in an accident there are many different types of bacteria that can form in any laceration or open would.

Call Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation before you speak with the insurance company. Brad can explain what you need to do. The insurance company could cause you to destroy your case. Insurance companies want a taped statement and they WILL definitely use it against you.

Make sure and refuse to talk to the insurance adjuster until you have contacted a Brad Pistotnik Law Office attorney, lawyer, legal counsel or abogado.

Do not wait for several days to see if you are hurt. You need to have immediate hospital attention to determine the extent and severity of your injuries. The longer you wait the more likely the insurance company will use tactics to red flag your injury accident case. No one likes to go to the hospital but this is not the time to wait. Insurance companies track and evaluate how fast you are seen by a hospital. They think that if you do not go the first day you are not hurt. This is absolute nonsense. Many injuries take 24 48 hours to show up. Seek medical help as soon as possible.

Check on weather reports before you head out on KDOT website.

After an accident be very careful who you talk with!

After you have been involved in an accident it is important to know who you should NOT speak with.

Do NOT talk with the other person’s Lawyer!

Do NOT talk with the other person’s Insurance Company!

Do NOT post anything about your accident on Social Media! No tweeting, facebooking, insta-gramming or snap-chatting anything related to your accident!

Do NOT speak with co-workers about your accident.

Call Brad Pistotnik Law before you speak with an insurance adjuster who could ruin your case. They can twist words and things that you say in order to keep from paying you. This can be very harmful to your personal injury accident recovery for your case.

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