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Wichita and all of Kansas winter weather can be very dangerous for drivers, Be careful and check the weather in Kansas before you hit the roads!

Wichita, Kansas winter weather can be very dangerous for drivers. Be careful and check the weather in Kansas before you hit the roads!

If you really feel the need to be out and about in the winter weather there are some things you should know.

The decision to travel in bad weather conditions typically mean if you get into an accident it will be deemed your fault. If you get into a wreck with loved ones in the vehicle consider that your insurance should cover any injuries sustained in that accident. Good drivers do not drive on the ice so it will be viewed as your fault. In the event that you did drive and harmed a loved one or friend then you should know that your car insurance PIP benefits and your BI coverage may help your loved one or friend. This is the reason that you purchase insurance. Your insurance company will do everything they can do in order to NOT PAY. In the event that you do find yourself in an accident on the Wichita or Kansas roads be sure to consult an attorney who can help you before you destroy any possible case you could have. Brad Pistotnik Law accident attorneys are available for a free consultation for advice. You can call 1-800-241-BRAD or 316-684-4400 if you have been involved in a car or truck wreck.

If you are worried about weather conditions before traveling in the state of Kansas you can easily check on road travel dangers on KDOT website.

The KDOT website shows icy road conditions if you are in Hays, Garden City, Dodge City, Salina, Topeka and Wichita, Kansas. The road conditions are different all over the state of Kansas and typically areas closer to the Colorado boarder can be the most treacherous in bad weather conditions. Make sure and check your path of travel as it could save your life.

Below is a map of Kansas road travel on December 30, 2015. It is regularly updated for quality travel information.

accident attorney recommends you check kansas road travel information through KDOT

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How can Wichita Car Accident Attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law help you with your injury accident in Kansas?

Car Accident Attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law will begin working on your case immediately after you hire us. We understand that being in a car accident in Wichita, Kansas can significantly impact your life. You may be hit with high medical costs and not be able to work. If you have been injured in a car wreck it is very important to contact a personal injury lawyer at our law firm before you speak with an insurance adjuster. You may feel like you can trust your own insurance company and hope that you will get the treatment you should but BEWARE! Insurance companies are only worried about their bottom line. That’s right! They are in it to make money. Insurance adjusters can twist what you say against you and this can cause great harm to your recovery. If you have injuries that change your life it is very important to seek out a personal injury lawyer who cares about you and your recovery.

In order to keep you and your family safe we recommend you check road conditions through the KDOT website link below.

Kansas injury attorneys suggest checking road conditions with KDOT