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Why was Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated by gunshot?


No one ever actually established why he was gunned down. His family filed a civil trial alleging a government conspiracy that involved the US Government, the Memphis police and had a claim against the Mafia. James Earl Ray was the admitted trigger man who fatally shot Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968. Later, he changed his story and the King family helped attempt to get a second trial for Mr. Ray believing he was innocent.

Racial hatred and prejudice are clearly the reason that he was killed. He was responsible for the Civil Rights Movement in the fifties and sixties. His famous speech known as “I have a dream” has remained at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement. This dream was that the U.S. would stop segregation and racism. He was a Baptist Minister and an activist on behalf of ending prejudice.

What we do know about the assassination

Reverend King was traveling to Memphis, Tennessee to stage a walkout about poor working conditions and low wages in early 1968. He had staged a large march which ended with horrific violence and bomb threats. Finally, on April 4, 1968, Reverend King was on a balcony at a hotel in Memphis when he was allegedly shot in the face by James Earl Ray, dying a short time later. Ray’s fingerprints were supposedly found on the rifle and murder weapon.

James Earl Ray fled the U.S. and was arrested in England. He pled guilty to first degree murder on March 10, 1969. He allegedly pled guilty to avoid the death penalty.

Later in time, a man named Loyd Jowers claimed that James Earl Ray was merely a scapegoat and that he had conspired with the assistance of the Mafia who supposedly conspired with the Federal Government. The Department of Justice investigated this claim and determined that the claims of Jowers were not supported by competent evidence. The only real evidence was presented at the jury trial which accused the FBI, CIA, the Federal Government and the Mafia of conspiring to kill Reverend King.

The FBI investigation records remain sealed and confidential until 2027 when they will be released into the public domain and the actual reason for Reverend King’s death becomes clearer.

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