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Why don’t truck drivers use video systems in their tractor-trailers to help avoid crashes?

Why don’t truck drivers use video systems in their tractor-trailers to help avoid crashes?

The obvious reason why tractor-trailer drivers and motor carriers as well as fleet drivers do not use video systems in their tractors of the cabs for the truck drivers is because it helps reduce the amount of crashes and therefore the amount of human injuries and wrongful death. An article in American Trucker magazine from October 2019, quoted a study that said that 83% of drivers of automobiles and cars believe that that the car drivers and smaller vehicle driver’s pose less risk on the highway than large truck drivers. This survey was conducted by Wakefield Research and used by Verizon Connect. The same study revealed an interesting fact that most people believe that more accidents occur on interstate highway systems as opposed to local highways and smaller roads like Highway 50 that travel through Kansas. There are many dangerous highways in Kansas like highway 83, and other highways in Kansas like highway 400, highway 183, highway 283, highway 54, highway 183 and highway 281. There are many more truck accident significant injuries and wrongful deaths on these roads than on roads like I-70 or I-35. Truckers pick these back roads to avoid toll booths, weigh stations and law enforcement so they can drive over the maximum hours-of-service rules under the FMCSR and the CSA BASICs. These bad truck drivers drive while fatigued or worse yet while on speed.

In this particular study the respondent population told the marketing analysts that more than 80% of their controlled population had witnessed a commercial vehicle driving dangerously and 45% had seen an accident involving a commercial vehicle. Many of the same respondents told the marketing professionals that they had witnessed large trucks and tractor-trailers speeding, changing lanes rapidly and abruptly as well as driving erratically and taking turns way to quickly and without warning. This particular company and American Trucker Magazine tied the survey findings into its integrated video system which they designed in order to help fleet managers and Safety Directors improve safety across the US highways. The goal was to mitigate risk. The problem with trucking companies and truck drivers is that the way you maximize your profit is by saving money on safety and not performing safety plans or using video systems similar to the one manufactured by this Company. The study from Wakefield research had a study group of 1000 respondents. Verizon Connect also found that the riskier states for drivers are in North Dakota, New Mexico as well as Montana.

Verizon Connect stated that it used information from the US Department of Transportation and the United States Census Bureau utilizing data from over 820,000 vehicles to evaluate its video system to improve safety. Truck drivers and trucking companies should use satellite tracking as well as video monitoring in all large tractor-trailers and in all truck driver cabs as well as fleet vehicles and large commercial vehicles to help mitigate accidents and reduce crashes and save lives. Unfortunately, in most of the depositions that I take I find that very rarely do any of the motor carriers utilize safety systems like this. I recently had a safety director indicate that the reason they did not do that was because it cost money and would reduce profit. These companies are killing innocent human beings on a daily basis.

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