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Why does Wichita have so many accidents in winter?

Why does Wichita have so many accidents in winter?

Winter in Kansas is normally harsh. Winter in Kansas during 2019 has been exceedingly bad for ice and snow. Recent ice storms have caused numerous people who were driving too fast for the weather conditions to drive off of streets in Wichita, Kansas like Kellogg or US 54 as well as in Western Kansas on Highway 56 and Highway 400. Highway 50 and Highway 83 and 183 have a tremendous number of accidents due to having poor highways. When they are covered in black ice, the accident rate goes up.

One of my recent clients was riding with her daughter and had a bit of ice on the road when the daughter was driving too fast, she drove off of the highway and the vehicle flipped. The client ended up with severe injuries to the foot and ankle. She developed cellulitis which may now lead to extreme wound care and a possible amputation of the lower extremity. Another client was riding on a motorcycle as a passenger with a younger driver who was driving way too fast for the weather conditions and a hit a patch of ice. She now has very significant injuries to the head and leg.

The Kansas Driver’s License Handbook warns all drivers to slow down for the appropriate weather and road conditions. Many people call and say no one was at fault when their spouse or significant other was merely driving too fast for the road conditions. When they call I always tell them they have a case against the driver who negligently operated a vehicle.

Local television stations like KWCH and KAKE reported multiple times in February that the emergency accident reporting plan (EARP) was put into effect by the city of Wichita. In one instance, K-96 was so icy that there were dozens of car wrecks. These car wrecks all were caused needlessly by people driving too close and too fast for icy road conditions. I told my daughter on one occasion that she was not allowed to drive at night due to the fact that the roads were so icy that it was foreseeable that other drivers may drive too fast and cause an accident. You have to worry about every driver on the roadway when there are bad conditions out.

Hospitals like Wesley Medical Center and Via Christi St. Francis were overwhelmed with emergency room patients. The wait times at these hospitals increased substantially due to the number of wrecks and car accidents.

Rule number one in avoiding accidents is to reduce speed, drive slower and perhaps not drive at all when it’s icy out. Remember, if you are involved in a car accident, semi accident or car wreck it is extremely important to call 911 to report the accident even if the emergency plans are in effect. That 911 call can be traced and will be recorded as evidence of the event of the accident. Many insurance companies tend to fight cases where no actual police report is made. If the EARP is in effect it is extremely important that you go to Quik Trip or Kwik Shop to make a formal report of your accident. You can also go to local Wichita police substations and make walk-in reports at various locations throughout the City of Wichita or in your local community if you are in Western Kansas like in Garden City, Kansas.

Rule number two is that whenever you have an accident and have any injuries insurance companies use computer programs to study how long it is from the moment of the accident until you first visit a hospital. A lot of people are afraid of incurring medical bills and they fail to go to the hospital and ultimately end up with an insurance company saying that they are not hurt from the accident. Whenever you are injured you should go to the nearest hospital to seek the guidance of a trained emergency room physician.

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