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Why does Kansas treat Kansas children and the less fortunate with Medicaid and KanCare so badly in the hospitals after a car accident?

KanCare in Kansas is the local Medicaid version of health insurance in Kansas related to the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately for the poor in Kansas who have a car wreck there are very few ways to help them get necessary medical care. As everyone knows, the governor Brownback here has cut Medicaid spending. Kansas is one of the lowest spenders in the United States on medical assistance for the poor. It is sad to say that certain economic priorities in Kansas are out of whack. When a child who has Medicaid in Kansas is injured in an accident and goes to a local hospital, in many instances the hospitals will do the most minimal treatment possible and then eject the patient from the emergency room without adequate care and without stabilization under EMTALA.

When the governor reduces the budget of $40-$50 million and takes money out of KanCare this tends to make tens of thousands of Kansas citizens unable to get the necessary and adequate medical care they need.

When a person with money is injured in a car accident they have the car insurance under their PIP first to go to and then secondary health insurance benefits kick in. The poor, however, may only have their car insurance and have $4500 of PIP and when that runs out, in many circumstances no medical providers will treat them. If you take the same car and have an accident with two people injured in the car wreck and one has Medicaid or KanCare and the other one has regular health insurance and they go to an emergency room you can see this proven over and over. The person with the health insurance in the same car ends up getting a CT scan and x-rays with other expensive diagnostic evaluation, while the person in the vehicle who is just as badly hurt, but has Medicaid or no source of insurance ends up getting some Ibuprofen and told to get out of the hospital. This scenario occurs every day of the week in Wichita and across the State of Kansas in rural hospitals because of the lack of available funding to treat the less fortunate people in the State of Kansas.

This disparity began a long time ago. I remember a brother and sister who had a bad car accident and I represented the sister. She was a client who was injured badly in a car accident when her brother drove off the road negligently into a tree. The sister was thrown through the windshield and actually ripped her hair and scalp off around the entire circumference of her head. They went to a local hospital in Wichita and her scalp was stitched on and she was then kicked out of the hospital. This incredulous set of facts seems unreal, however, I assure you it is true. Every day we see the poor having car accidents and the hospitals give them very little treatment simply because of the fact that there is no way the hospital will get paid for the medical treatment or the hospital gets ten cents on the dollar compared to the normal patient with good insurance. This occurs to children and a lot of adults who are disabled and without money to buy regular health insurance. When they come to our office and you look at what the emergency room did for them it makes you shake your head. You wonder how any compassionate society could treat people in this manner.

When someone is in a car accident and is lucky enough to have Blue Cross or Cigna or Aetna or Tricare and has the same type of accident those people will get the essential care they need. The reason that the children and uninsured get little treatment boils down to one simple fact. The fact is that if the hospital is going to get 5 or $0.10 cents on the retail dollar for medical services that they provide, the hospital ends up losing money. The health outcomes rank for Kansas at WalletHub shows Kansas ranking at 23rd out of 50 states. Kansas tried to expand Medicaid funding in 2017. Gov. Brownback decided to veto the expansion.

While we all know about the financial pressures in Kansas, treating the poor and destitute by throwing them out of emergency rooms, which usually includes many children is unfair. When children have an accident and are badly hurt in many instances they only receive bare-bones medical treatment at local hospitals and many are kicked out of the facility as fast as humanly possible. These decisions ignore EMTALA and make it clear that the hospitals’ pocketbook and bottom-line is more important than human suffering.

At Brad Pistotnik Law we try to help everyone regardless of your level of income. If you are truly injured or have a child that is badly injured who is in need of medical care arising from a motor vehicle accident, truck accident, or vehicular and bicycle accident we can help you find medical care from truly compassionate doctors in the Wichita and the Kansas area. Many compassionate doctors exist in Wichita and across Kansas who continue to honor the Hippocratic Oath and help patients by doing no wrong.

When a child is injured in an accident we are especially concerned that that child gets the necessary medical care that they truly need. Even if your child is on Medicaid we can likely find a doctor who will help that child in a time of need following an accident. These doctors are like Good Samaritans and are truly blessed human beings who care about others regardless of whether you can immediately pay for your child to be seen and treated appropriately. It is fair to say that there are many good doctors in the Wichita and Kansas area that still decide to help the underprivileged and poor children in the State who get injured.

Whenever you have a child who was involved in an accident regardless of whether it is from a pedestrian or bicycle accident, a car accident, motorcycle accident or a truck or semi-accident, we can find a skilled medical specialist to help that child get back to normal. We can find doctors who care in virtually every specialty that I can think of with doctors who are generous with their time and skills. When your child is injured in an accident and the hospital kicks them out the door, who do you call? You call Brad Pistotnik Law and let one of our team members help you get treatment for your child.

The same thing is true for adults who have been involved in an accident. When you don’t have health insurance and the hospital does very little for you because of your lack of good health insurance, we can still help you try to recover and get back on your feet. We work with everyone regardless of the amount of money that you make and regardless of race, religion, gender, color or ancestry. We try to help everyone equally.

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