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Who is Responsible for Injuries Caused by a Police Pursuit?

Who is responsible for injuries caused by a police pursuit? How often do police chases result in personal injuries, wrongful deaths, and property damage? Police have a duty of care that includes protecting the public from danger. However, high speed pursuits often put innocent bystanders in danger. Because of the risks, many police departments in Kansas have policies that limit high speed pursuits to only those situations involving a serious felony such as armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, etc. In every case it is important to determine the actual written policies for the particular city, county, or the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Officially, it's estimated that since 1979, 11,506 people have died in police pursuits. Of these, 6,300 were suspects fleeing police officers and just over 5,000 were bystanders or passengers within the suspect's vehicle. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that in 2013 alone, 322 people died in police pursuits. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that an average of one person per day is killed in a police pursuit.

From 2006 to 2016, there were 2,382 crashes in Kansas that occurred during police pursuits. Of these, 1,479 resulted in property damage only, 853 caused personal injuries, and 49 caused fatalities. In all, 54 people have died and 1,262 were injured in crashes involving police pursuits. In 2016, police pursuits resulted in 235 crashes. Six of these caused fatalities, 73 caused personal injuries, and 155 caused property damage only. In all, six people died and 118 suffered personal injuries. Police pursuits in 2016 were a factor in .3% of motor vehicle accidents and a total of 1.6% of all fatal car accidents in Kansas.

Liability for personal injuries, wrongful deaths, and property damage resulting from a police chase often falls on the chased suspect who has a duty of care to other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. When the suspect exceeds the posted speed limit, drives recklessly, fails to heed the commands of law enforcement, etc., they breach this duty and an auto accident injury law firm can pursue damages as a result. Usually, police departments are immune from liability when a police pursuit causes an accident. However, there are exceptions, and if a law enforcement officer's negligence contributes to the accident, it may be possible to pursue compensation from the department. However, you have to jump through the Kansas Tort Claims Act at K.S.A.. 12-105(b) et. seq.

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