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Who is Liable for Construction Zone Accidents?

Who is liable for accidents in construction zones? Is an accident in a construction zone always the driver's fault? Construction zone accidents liability is not always black and white. There are instances where construction companies, city personnel, and others can be held liable for contributing to the cause of a motor vehicle accident. Over the past five years, more than 3,300 people have died, and each year approximately 35,000 suffer injuries in work zone accidents. Of those who died in the past five years, approximately 650 were construction workers. Statistically, motorists are at greater risk of injury or death in these accidents than those who are responsible for building and repairing the roadway. The reason for this is that the work zones cause driver's to slow down and then people behind them fail to pay heed to the slowing traffic and boom, an accident happens.

Work zone fatality rates are increasing. In 2016, 635 motorists and their passengers died in work zone accidents. This was a 7% increase over the 595 who died in 2015. Similarly, the number of pedestrians and cyclists who died increased 11% from 113 in 2015 to 125 in 2016. Many of these accidents are increasing due to inattention, normally thought to be from people looking down at cell phones, texting, mapping and even looking at the internet while driving. The number of worker fatalities has also increased from 130 in 2015 to 143 in 2016. Nationwide, there were 683 fatal crashes in work zones in 2016. Of these, 259 occurred on interstates, 339 occurred on urban arterials, 52 occurred on collector roads, and 33 occurred on local or rural roads.

These statistics show an increase in the number of fatal accidents over 2015. In 2015, there were a total of 654 fatal accidents. Of these, 263 occurred on interstates, 315 occurred on urban arterials, 41 happened on collector streets, and 35 occurred on local or rural roadways. In 2015, there was a construction zone accident once every 5.4 minutes. Each day, there were 70 crashes that caused injuries, and each week, there were 12 crashes that caused a fatality. In total, 26% of accidents caused an injury, while .7% caused a fatality. A further 73% caused property damage only.

Drivers who commit any moving violation in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Texas and Florida that are driving too fast or otherwise incorrectly within a work zone can face enhanced penalties under the law. Speeding is one of the biggest money makers for municipalities and cities and towns. These include fines that are double what they are in non-work zone areas. Law enforcement can level these penalties in all marked work zones whether workers are present or not. This means that these penalties apply from the moment the signs are placed until the moment the work is completed.

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