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Who Commits Fleet Accidents & When Do They Usually Occur?

It is a fact of life that the business vehicles in your business fleet are likely to be involved in an accident over the course of their useful life. It is a business expense that must be absorbed but that fact does not mean there are not proactive measures the owner can take. To minimize the financial downside of fleet vehicle collisions, a business owner must ask himself a single – albeit two-pronged – question, “Who is committing these accidents and when are they usually occurring?” Here are just a few of the answers

It is not just the youngest drivers – It is conventional wisdom – widely set forth by insurance companies – that those under the age of 25 are the most likely to have an accident. The statistics of fleet vehicle collisions simply do not bear out this conclusion. In fact, statistics compiled by Automotive Fleet – the industry's leading magazine – showed that drivers between the ages of 18-25 frequently reported the lowest percentage of accidents. The other surprise? The oldest drivers – 55 and over – came in second as the least destructive drivers. In fact, the supposedly “safest” drivers are responsible for a disproportionate share of the accidents experienced by fleet vehicles.

Driver complacency is also a problem – Similarly, it has been demonstrated that “experienced” drivers – the ones with five or more years of tenure with a company – show a larger than average percentage of accidents than their less experienced – but perhaps more careful – junior colleagues. As the old adage accurately states, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” To combat this effect, it is essential to communicate that your more experienced employees should not take a complacent attitude with your company vehicles. Instead, they should be consistently trained and refreshed about safety and careful driving techniques.

Time of day and the day of the week are also pertinent – Many traffic accidents will occur during the lunch hour rush or just after the workday ends. But, there are some trends that can be observed. No matter what time of day your fleet is out and about, the best preventative way to reduce accidents is simply to constantly remind your people to slow down while on the road.

Uneducated drivers are the prime culprits – Perhaps the term “uneducated' is a bit too harsh to describe inexperienced drivers of fleet vehicles, but ongoing driver education programs have been shown to reduce fleet vehicle accidents by up to 30 percent per year. While these programs aim toward educational, the prime reason for a company to institute them is more to create an awareness in their drivers. No matter how long drivers have been on the road, updating their awareness with a regular refresher course can go a long way in reducing the tragedy of unnecessary accidents.

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