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When is Wichita Riverfest 2017? It begins June 2, 2017 and ends on June 10, 2017. Brad Pistotnik Law will be there.

When is Wichita Riverfest 2017? It begins June 2, 2017 and ends on June 10, 2017. During this year’s festivities you need to stop by the tent with Brad Pistotnik Law to celebrate the River Festival. At the same time you can take a chance on our her spinning wheel to win barbecue grills, stuffed bulls that we just had specially made, backpacks, T-shirts, lighted swords that are similar to Star Wars swords that children can play with and to take a chance on our duck pond for other prizes. Every year, Brad Pistotnik Law donates back to the State of Kansas and the community of Wichita by providing thousands and thousands of dollars of free toys, shirts, backpacks, barbecue grills and other special gifts just to let citizens from the city of Wichita and the State of Kansas know that we care about them. This year we will have Misty and Devin as well as Brandon and Nicole manning the tent. This is a truly selfless job that gives away many different things to people that deserve them. You can stop in and talk with Brad Pistotnik or with Tony Atterbury or one of our other lawyers to get a free consultations. You can schedule a time for us to meet you. You can simply stop by and get one of our prizes. It’s up to you.

Remember that Brad Pistotnik Law started as the simple law firm of Bradley A Pistotnik, Attorney at Law back in 1983 and then became widely known as Pistotnik Law. During that growing phase over the years I had many attorneys that came to work with me including some siblings. Over time, our firm became more and more concentrated with trial skills and working on complex litigation involving commercial motor vehicles, tractor-trailer accidents, motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, fleet vehicle accidents, school bus accidents, heavy equipment accidents, farm equipment accidents and other construction site and farm site accidents were people truly are hurt to the point where they are disabled forever.

As Brad and his team got better, they decided that a new better location in Northeast Wichita would letter us better serve our client base. Since moving in June of 2013 we have grown three times and are once again growing and adding more space due to the increasing needs of the people of Kansas for experienced litigation lawyers.

Our group of 16 lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, case managers and other specialists devote our entire lives to helping you and your family get back on your feet. During Wichita Riverfest 2017 we would like to meet with you. We want to shake your hands and give you a big hug for stopping by.

Hardly any other law firms in Wichita do this and do it for the entire period of the complete Wichita Riverfest because it takes a tremendous amount of manpower to do this, it requires spending tens of thousands of dollars on our gifts and stuffed bulls as well as our T-shirts and barbecue grills. We do this because we like to do this and we like to meet all of the people in Wichita. Hopefully, you will never need our services, but when you do we hope you remember us. We gave out 3,000 teddy bears to the new Wesley Children’s Hospital and because of our new Brand that involves Abogado El Toro (the bull attorney, Brad the bull, Call in the bull and the bull attorneys we chose to make our mascot a bull and we chose to make our teddy bears into real bulls with horns. Some of you may have seen my talking bull named Domingo on TV. Unfortunately, the Wichita Riverfest would not allow us to bring him in due to the number of people. He will be in Wichita though to meet people and give out legal advice on approximately June 14 and 15th in our office located at 10111 E. 21st St. N., Suite 204, Wichita, Kansas, 67206. If you personally want to speak with Domingo then you need to come by to see us at that time. Domingo is full of all sorts of entertaining ideas and gives out great advice and he loves to do a little MOO for you.

When Domingo is here in July many of our clients are coming to our new office on 21st St. North to pose with Domingo and some of them will get to have pictures taken on Domingo. Hopefully Domingo will be calm enough to allow them to sit on him. We are going to have a meet and greet with Domingo and we bought a new software from Rosetta Stone that speaks in Domingo. If you want to come by our office early to learn how to speak to Domingo in his own language then you need to call Barbara Cooper in my office. Domingo’s favorite phrase is that he can get you more. He also says it’s just that easy. So everybody understands what it’s just that easy means you need to have a simple understanding that it means it is easy to pick up the phone and call for Brad or Tony or Bill or Jay and get a free consultation. We don’t charge for a first consultation and we only get paid an attorney fee if you win or you recover monetary compensation for your injury. The next time you have a motorcycle accident, truck accident, farm accident, bull accident, train accident, semi-accident, car crash, crane tip over, or other serious catastrophic injury then call in the bull so that the bull attorneys can make you and your family whole again.

We are Brad Pistotnik Law. ® We are Abogado El Toro. ® Hire the real Brad. ® Call in the Bull. ® Call us at 1-800-241-BRAD or call us on or local line at 316-684-4400. You can call Brad Pistotnik on his cell at 316-706-5020. You can call Tony Atterbury on his cell at 316-617-9237. You can call from Western Kansas at 620-THE-BULL. We are the Bull Attorneys. ™