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When Injury Accidents Happen in Wichita and all areas of Kansas, be the one that knows what to do! Call Accident Attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law!

When Injuries Happen in Wichita and all areas of Kansas, be the one that knows what to do! Call Accident Attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law!

Contact Accident Attorney and Pistotnik Law Founder Brad Pistotnik at Brad Pistotnik Law, Injury victims that have an accident in Wichita, Kansas can hire Brad by calling 316-706-5020 or 316-684-4400 or 1-800-241-BRAD. The law office is located at 10111 E. 21st Street North in the Cranbrook Office Park between streets Webb and Greenwich.

Here are some helpful Tips from a Kansas Personal Injury Lawyer When an Accident happens to you.

The helpful hints for accident and injury people having an auto, car, truck, cycle, semi-truck or bicycle accident are as follows:

Call the police

Call Sedgwick County EMS

Take photographs of the car damage and all injuries

Go to the hospital at Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi St. Francis or Via Christi St. Joseph or Galichia ER to find out what your injuries could be. This is important because they can run the tests needed to find out what may need to be done. For example, if you have whiplash you will need to stabilize your neck for proper healing and to prevent further damage.

Describe all your injuries to the doctor. Do not leave anything out. Wherever you are feeling pain let the doctor know. Diagrams are often given to the accident victim in order to help explain the body parts you are experiencing pain.

If you have a bruise, cut, scrape or laceration, make sure that you ask for antibiotics to prevent any possible infections. When you are injured in an accident there are many different types of bacteria that can form in any laceration or open would.

Call Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation before you speak with the insurance company. Brad can explain what you need to do. The insurance company could cause you to destroy your case. Insurance companies want a taped statement and the WILL use it against you.

Make sure and refuse to talk to the insurance adjuster until you have contacted a Brad Pistotnik Law Office attorney, lawyer, legal counsel or abogado.

Do not wait for several days to see if you are hurt. You need to have immediate hospital attention to determine the extent and severity of your injuries. The longer you wait the more likely the insurance company will use tactics to red flag your injury accident case. No one likes to go to the hospital but this is not the time to wait. Insurance companies track and evaluate how fast you are seen by a hospital. They think that if you do not go the first day you are not hurt. This is absolute nonsense. Many injuries take 24 48 hours to show up. Seek medical help as soon as possible.

Kansas requires that you use your own car’s medical insurance called personal injury protection benefits or PIP before you can use any other source of medical coverage or insurance.

Find really good doctors that are not afraid of lawyers or car accidents. Many doctors only help the defense or employer side of a case and will refuse to provide adequate active treatment.

If your doctor gives you pills and tells you to come back in a few months, doesn’t do any testing you need to get a different doctor that actually cares. You need doctor that wants to get to the bottom of your injuries. You need a doctor that wants to find out how to help you with your injuries from your accident.

If you have any of the following injuries that are serious injuries call Brad Pistotnik Law Brad understands these types of injuries and knows the doctors who care and can help:

Head injuries are known as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), closed head injuries or concussion.

Neck injuries, cervical spine injuries and whiplash.

Back injuries, lumbar spine injuries and thoracic spine injuries.

Shoulder injuries, rotator cuff injuries and clavicle injuries.

Knee injury symptoms and treatment.

There are also horrible cases from accidents that result in paralysis, amputations and wrongful death, Brad Pistotnik Law Attorneys can help you with these devastating life changing events. Brad would like to be there to help your family. Brad Pistotnik is a compassionate lawyer who truly cares. That’s why he is easy for you to reach evenings, weekends and Holidays. Brad understands that what you are going through is traumatic and knows you may have a lot of questions. Call Brad on his mobile at 316-706-5020

Personal Injury Lawyers see many different types of injuries that are caused because of a car, truck or motorcycle accident in Kansas. Every injury a person sustains in an accident is serious to them. You need an empathetic attorney who understands these injuries and how horrific they can be to you and your loved ones. If it is due to someone else’s careless driving it is important to hire a personal injury lawyer who cares about getting you and your family back on track.

Why should you hire Brad Pistotnik Law? There are many reasons why you should hire Brad Pistotnik Law. The top 10 reasons are listed on our website at Your First Consultation Is Always Free! Brad and his staff of attorneys and paralegals will be extremely compassionate to you and your family. Wichita Personal Injury and Accident Attorney Brad Pistotnik and his staff enjoy what they do and would like the opportunity to help you.

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Brad Pistotnik Law takes cases all over the State of Kansas as well as in Oklahoma and Nebraska. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Wichita, Kansas or a different Kansas rural area, city or town. We can help get you treatment for your injuries from your Kansas Car Accident. We will work to help you find doctors wherever you live that care about their patients regardless of whether you live in Wichita, Garden City, Kansas; Dodge city, Kansas; Liberal, Kansas; Emporia Kansas; Arkansas City, Kansas; Wellington Kansas; Kingman, Kansas; Pratt, Kansas; Great Bend, Kansas; Pittsburg, Kansas; or many of the other rural cities within the State of Kansas as well as the States of Oklahoma and Nebraska. You can reach Brad Pistotnik Law 24 hours a day by calling him at 316-684-4400 or on his cell phone at 316-706-5020. Call Brad on weekends, holidays and at night.

Call the first and original Pistotnik Law Offices that Brad Pistotnik started in 1983, now called Brad Pistotnik Law or look at Call the original creator of Pistotnik Law now for a free consultation. Brad is at his new office location at 10111 East 21st Street North and is NOT affiliated with the law office on east central.