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When do you need to hire a construction accident attorney?

Have you been injured at a construction site? If you have then you are already frustrated with your medical bills and financial problems. After you have suffered any type of injury in a construction are you may ask yourself, “should I hire a lawyer?” The answer depends on your situation but the answer is usually “yes.”

There are many factors that are involved in hiring a construction accident attorney and her are a few of them:

How would a construction accident attorney be able to help me?

An experienced construction accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law would be able to help you because they understand how to file a civil suit. There are many different theories that could be involved in you accident. You will most likely have workers compensation claims associated with your accident. A good personal injury lawyer can help you recover from your losses due to your injuries and help you deal with all the paperwork associated with insurance and legal claims. Hiring an injury attorney can make the difference in resolving the case so that you don’t lose money as a result of your injuries. An attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law can help you get compensation to cover medical expenses as well as future medical needs. Some construction accidents can be devastating and an attorney can help you and your family recover in a construction accident that can result in paralysis, spinal cord injury, quadriplegia and wrongful death.

When is the best time to hire a construction accident lawyer?

The answer is easy, right after your accident. There can be costly mistakes made after your accident. You will have a deadline to file a civil suit depending on what state you are in. Because of your medical bills and lost wages you will need to get those recorded and taken care of as soon as possible. You should contact an attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law as soon as you can after your injury accident.

You may have a representative from your employer and their insurance company tries and make you a settlement offer after your accident. Don’t sign anything without consulting an attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law. The settlement may not be in your best interest and may not cover all of your future medical needs and financial losses.

Some important factors to discuss with your construction accident attorney:

Are they familiar with workplace safety regulations, transportation negligence, product liability laws? Do they know how to deal with workers compensation and the insurance and healthcare companies? Your attorney needs to know how to properly handle and settle a case. Brad Pistotnik Law attorneys know how to handle these cases. Brad Pistotnik has personally handled construction accident cases in the past and would like to help you with yours. Ask the attorney if they have successfully handled construction accident cases in the past.

Brad Pistotnik has helped many clients who have had construction accidents. He knows what to do and how to handle your case. Construction accident claims can be complex and may require expert witnesses who can testify that the construction site was now safe. Those proper safety regulations were not taken so that employees do not get injured. You will need an accident attorney who will fight to get you the proper medical care now and in the future. You will need a compassionate attorney and compassionate attorneys are at Brad Pistotnik Law. Pistotnik Law office original founder Brad Pistotnik is at 10111 East 21st Street in Wichita, Kansas but can help you all over the state of Kansas. Brad Pistotnik Law firm can help you in Garden City, Dodge City, Hays, Liberal, Goodland, Hugoton, Medicine Lodge, Hutchinson, Salina, Newton, Topeka, Ark City, Ft. Scott, Colby, El Dorado, Augusta and Pittsburg, Kansas. Brad Pistotnik personal injury lawyer can be reached for a free consultation after your construction accident at 316-684-4400 or 1-800-241-BRAD or his mobile phone at 316-706-5020.

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