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What Vehicles are Commonly Involved in Fatal Car Accidents in Kansas?

What Vehicles are Commonly Involved in Fatal Car Accidents in Kansas?

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What types of vehicles were most commonly involved in fatal car accidents in Kansas in 2017? How does data reported by the Kansas Department of Transportation compare to what we saw in 2016? Statewide, the total number of vehicles involved in accidents decreased from 100,158 in 2016 to 94,898 in 2017. However, the number of vehicles involved in fatal accidents increased from 561 in 2016 to 633 in 2017.

Vehicles Involved in Kansas Crashes in 2017

Four categories of vehicles were responsible for causing 94% of accidents in 2017. In total, 49,767, or 52.4% of accidents in Kansas in 2017 involved cars. 18,513, or 19.5% involved sport utility vehicles. 15,293, or 16% involved pickup trucks. 4,560, and 4.8% involved vans.

In all, 32,166, or just under 55% of all accidents involved multiple motor vehicles. 9,977 or 17% involved collisions with animals, while 8,416, or 14% involved collisions with fixed objects. Statewide, a total of 58,829 motor vehicle accidents were recorded in 2017.

Crash Involvement Compared to 2016

In 2016, 50,035 cars were involved in 50% of accidents in the state. 20,965 sport utility vehicles were involved in 21% of accidents. 17,067 pickups were involved in 17% of accidents. Finally, 5,208 vans were involved in 5.2% of accidents. By comparison, the overall number of cars, trucks, and vans involved in accidents in 2017 declined, while the number of sport utility vehicles involved in accidents showed a sharp increase.

Fatal Accidents in Kansas in 2017

In 2017, there were 461 fatal motor vehicle accident fatalities in Kansas. The Kansas Department of Transportation also recorded 17,116 injuries. In all, 633 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents. Of these, 202 were cars, 121 were pickup trucks, 124 were sport utility vehicles, and 21 were vans. The data shows that fatality rates for accidents involving cars and vans were lower than those involving pickups and sport utility vehicles.

Kansas Crashes Involving Trucks

Data from KDOT also sheds some light on the risk of accidents with large trucks and commercial vehicles. In 2016, crashes involving heavy or large trucks accounted for 934 injured persons and 74 fatalities. Here at Brad Pistotnik Law, it's our job to determine the cause of traffic accidents and make sure that responsible parties are held accountable and that our clients are given the compensation they deserve to help them deal with injuries.

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