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What Safety Features Reduce the Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury? Personal Injury Attorney Answers.

What Safety Features Reduce the Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury? Personal Injury Attorney Answers.

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What safety features reduce the risk of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)? Is "crash worthiness" a good measure of a vehicle's safety? Nationwide, nearly 50% of all traumatic head injuries are the result of a motor vehicle accident. The government rates vehicles and their components based on the protection they provide vehicle occupants in an accident. Deficient scores in even one area can place motorists at risk, and these standards don't always stop potential problems on the road.

The risks of TBI are real. Anyone injured in a motor vehicle collision should stay alert for signs of head injury over the days, weeks, and months following a motor vehicle accident.

When Federal Standards Fail

Seat belt assemblies are required to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) #209. Even so, data gathered by the National Highway Safety Administration shows that seat belts regularly fail. Common causes of failure include false latching and inertial unlatching.

Airbags are regulated under FMVSS #208. However, defective airbag inflators and faulty sensors are common causes of traumatic brain injuries and motor vehicle fatalities. As of mid-2018, faulty Takata airbags alone have caused 15 deaths and more than 278 injuries in the United States.

Similarly, seat back failures are a lesser recognized cause of traumatic injuries. These standards have not been updated since 1967. Since 1989, it is estimated that 100 people have been injured or killed by seat back failures.

The fact is that safety defects can cause a traumatic brain injury and wrongful death. It is one of the reasons why motorists should always remain cognizant of the signs of head injury and the dangers of undiagnosed head injuries. The bottom line is that motor vehicle components may meet safety standards during testing. However, motorists shouldn't rely on the "crash worthiness" of any component to protect them in motor vehicle collision.

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