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What personal injury attorney or lawyer in Kansas will give me a free consultation even on Saturday, Sundays in the evenings and on holidays?

Brad Pistotnik Law provides free consultation services for legal emergencies 24 hours a day. We will come to your home or hospital room as fast as humanly possible after a phone call because we know your life is in crisis and you need assistance right this minute. Many times, bad things happen on weekends and at night when most law firms are closed. We have created a service principle for our clients that makes us available 7 days a week and we work after hours and on holidays. We know the people that are really truly injured are unable to come into the office for assistance and that it is easier for us to come to see them due to their disability and many times due to their lack of a vehicle to drive because of having a car wreck.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, or Illinois we have attorneys the can help in your state. We are licensed in all of these states and our different lawyers are able to help in each of these places.

Many people ask us why we work so much. We do this because we like helping people that need to help from serious car, motorcycle, truck accident and farm accident injuries. We been doing this sense 1983. We see many sad cases where people are substantially injured, and disfigured and some of died. We understand that you need the extreme counseling in these times of crisis. Everyone at Brad Pistotnik Law has been hand-picked to be extremely compassionate and client friendly. We are here to listen to you and we are here to help you. One of our missions is to help human beings who have suffered devastating losses and injuries to recover and heal. This is very important to us. We try to help find the best doctors available with specializations for every single type of injury that could occur. We also try to help find doctors who do not mind helping out people in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and other injury related claims. The majority of doctors tend to dislike being involved in medical-legal situations and as a result of that preconceived notion, they tend to give minimum treatment to those that have a legal case and end up destroying your case because they will not help. We have found many good doctors with excellent medical skills who do not feel this way.

Our staff works as a team with everyone having the same goal to help the individual client get back on their feet and become whole again.

We help injured people in the following areas:

  • Auto accidents, car crashes and wrecks;
  • tractor-trailer accidents, big rig accidents, semi-accidents and other large commercial motor vehicle accidents;
  • motorcycle and motor scooter accidents and crashes;
  • bicycle and vehicular accidents;
  • bus accidents for school buses and city buses;
  • heavy equipment accidents;
  • farm equipment accidents;
  • construction site accidents;
  • Worker’s Compensation accidents.

We are here and aim to please. Brad Pistotnik, Tony Atterbury, Jay Sizemore, Bill Barr and our staff of case managers, paralegals and legal assistants and direct care legal staff dedicate our lives to you. When you want to win you need a law firm with attorneys and lawyers and staff that are all specially trained to work on a concentrated area of law dealing with personal injury. We want to be there for you and we want to help your family.

We represent injured people all across Kansas and the Midwest.We have lawyers licensed in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Illinois.We have a new attorney joining us in April who is licensed in Kansas, Florida and Texas. Our new office in Garden City is at 3102 E. Kansas Avenue, Suite 100, Garden City, Kansas 67846. You can’t miss it.It has a sign out front with Bull Horns on it!The bull horn chandelier will be arriving in the next few weeks.The direct number for this office is 620-THE-BULL.We are Abogado El Toro. ® If you have been hurt in an accident –Call in the Bull. ®

We will come see you if you can’t travel.We will driver or fly to your town or city. We represent people in Wichita, Great Bend, Kearney, Lincoln, Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago, Joplin, Guymon, Edmond, Tonkawa, Enid, Salina, Hutchinson, Elkhart, Colby, Scott City, Wichita, Garden City, Liberal, Hays, Great Bend, Kingman, Springfield, Wellington, Sublette, Dodge City, Ulysses, Houghton, Newton, Winfield, Wellington, Pratt, Arkansas City, Mulvane and numerous other towns and cities across several states.

Our Main office is located at 10111 E. 21st N. Suite 204 Wichita, Kansas.The main number is 1-800-241-BRAD.You can also reach Brad and Tony 24 hours a day on their personal cell phones.Brad’s cell phone is 316-706-5020.Hire the real Brad. ® Tony’s cell number is 316-617-9237. We are Brad Pistotnik Law. ® We are Abogado El Toro. ® Hire the real Brad. ® Call in the Bull. ® We are the Bull Attorneys! ™ Call us at 1-800-241-BRAD or call us on our local line at 316-684-4400. You can call from Western Kansas at 620-THE-BULL. Hire the lawyers who love our clients and our clients love us.You have a choice and the choice should be Brad Pistotnik Law.