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What Damage Can Road Rash Do?

What Damage Can Road Rash Do?

5,286 motorcyclists were killed and approximately 90,000 suffered injuries in accidents. Gear protects, but does not eliminate the risk. Studies conducted in Australia showed that injuries are most likely to the legs, followed by the rider's arms, and finally, hands. Of those wearing protective gear, it's estimated that 1 in 5 suffered abrasion damage in areas where the garment failed and exposed skin to the road surface.

Earning a "Degree" in Road Rash

Road rash is measured in degrees similar to those used for burn victims. First-degree road rash causes redness of the skin and heals on its own within a few weeks. Leather, heavy jeans, or helmets may protect riders to some degree, but they do not eliminate the risk altogether.

Second-degree road rash occurs when the outer layer of skin is broken. This may heal itself, however, medical treatment typically expedites the healing process. It may also result in permanent scarring of the affected area.

Third-degree road rash occurs when the skin is completely removed to reveal the underlying muscle, fat, or bone. This serious form of injury involves open wounds and requires medical treatment and will result in permanent scarring. The nature of the wound also means that the potential for bacterial infection is significant.

The Potential for Deadly Consequences

Road rash itself is not deadly. However, it can cause debilitating pain, discomfort, and lead to the development of permanent scars. In the most serious instances, it can facilitate secondary infections that can be life threatening. It is not a harmless injury and the damages stemming from road rash can be pursued as part of a motorcycle accident settlement.

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