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What Accidents Cause the Most Economic Harm in Kansas?

What Accidents Cause the Most Economic Harm in Kansas?

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What can drivers do to protect their auto accident rights when a collision occurs? Understanding what types of accidents cause the most economic harm in Kansas can help you more accurately gauge the compensation you may be entitled to. In 2017, there were 58,829 automobile accidents in Kansas, causing 461 fatalities and 17,116 personal injuries. That is a rate of just under 7 motor vehicle accidents every hour and 162 accidents per day.

In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated the total cost of automobile accidents in the United States each year was nearly $1 trillion in lost productivity and loss of life. When accidents occur, individuals should seek prompt attention from emergency responders and healthcare professionals to ensure their injuries and the facts of the incident are thoroughly documented. Individuals should also contact an attorney for a free legal consultation to discuss their legal options for recovering compensation for their injuries, property damage, lost wages, etc.

The Economic Costs of Crashes in Kansas

The costs stemming from automobile accidents in Kansas are significant. These include lost wages, medical care, property damage, funeral expenses, etc. In 2017, 35,995 accidents involving driver infractions cost a total of $2.246 billion. Many accidents in Kansas are single vehicle accidents. In 2017, 25,355 single-vehicle accidents generated an economic cost of $1.254 billion.

21,533 accidents involving low-light conditions cost a total of $1.386 billion. 3,144 accidents involving vehicle overturns cost nearly $860 million. Distracted driving is another common and expensive cause of accidents, and in 2017 15,627 distracted driving accidents generated a total crash cost of nearly $775 million. By comparison, the costs generated by the 1,993 alcohol related accidents was just over $477 million. This shows that while the number of alcohol related accidents remains lower than those caused by distracted drivers, the costs they generate are far more significant.

Knowing Your Rights Following an Automobile Accident

Individuals have a right to pursue compensation for the personal injuries, property damage, and wrongful deaths a motor vehicle accident causes. Individuals have the right to pursue compensation from the responsible party, their employer, insurance company, and others responsible for directly causing or contributing to the causes of the accident.

Individuals have the right to request assistance from law enforcement, emergency responders, and healthcare professionals following a motor vehicle accident. This includes filing police reports, gathering evidence including photographs and witness statements, documenting the cause and extent of injuries, and identifying any treatments required to return the injured party to normal health.

It is crucial for individuals to remain cautious when an accident takes place. Individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents in Kansas should never admit to fault either verbally or in writing. They should never leave the scene of an accident or delay necessary medical treatment, and they should never agree to a private settlement without first consulting an attorney.

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