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Visiting the hospital after an accident during COVID-19

Scared of Hospital During Coronavirus

COVID-19 and visiting the hospital in Kansas after an accident

Being in an accident is scary enough, during the global pandemic of COVID-19, an even scarier question presents itself. Is it safe to visit the hospital during the coronavirus outbreak?

A common misconception is that hospitals are unsafe to visit during these times. We have clients that have called regarding all major Kansas markets and popular hospitals.

As of June 2020, Kansas is presently one of the safest COVID-19 states in the United States at a death rate of under 0.009.


The executive orders from President Trump have not overridden hospital obligations to treat car accident patients promptly. During this global pandemic, the healthcare industry has had change forced upon them in regards to response times, protocols, and specifically safe handling and cross-contamination measures. The result is not only the hospital safe for you to visit, but you can expect an expedited and overly cleaner, safer experience in your treatment.

The hospitals in Wichita, Kansas have had very few COVID-19 hospitalizations.

The last 50 or so clients that came to our office since the outbreak in March, stated the emergency rooms and the medical treatment provided was done much faster than normal.


You should go to the hospital because all insurance companies have fraud detection units. These units are special investigative teams that scrutinize all steps of an accident to determine if the victim is making fraudulent claims. The team will analyze your car wreck case by tracking when the accident happened until your first visit to a hospital. There is a significant difference between a hospital and an urgent care facility.

Many insurance companies are using software to score the actions taken by a victim after a crash. This scoring method is used by the insurance companies attorneys to minimize one's injuries in addition to fraud detection. A good example is the insurance company's software immediately deducting the score for a self-admission versus an ambulance ride. Another method is a deduction for going to a hospital the day after your accident. This score deduction is designed to detect fraud, but it ultimately a reference for severity and gauging one's actions after a wreck. You run the risk of being flagged for fraud by not going to the hospital. Do not let the coronavirus scare you into staying home, the hospital and staff have strict processes and procedures for caring for you now.

There are many variables to how much your case is worth after a truck, car, or motorcycle accident. If you are injured or have been in a crash and you are not sure, go to the hospital. Do not be afraid of corona and risk your health. All of the attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law are here for you. Although we cannot physically visit the hospital with the new COVID-19 practices, we can Facetime, Skype or Zoom with you or your family during this time. We are here for you 24/7 just call 1-800-WIN-BULL.