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Truck Accidents Kill by Brad Pistotnik on Amazon

The statistics are alarming. While large trucks make up approximately 4 percent of the registered vehicles on the nation’s roadways, they account for almost 10 percent of accidents involving fatalities—and the numbers of truck crashes and related injuries and fatalities increase every year. Last year, trucking revenues totaled $610 billion, which is estimated to double by 2015. With payment incentives that focus on deadlines and moving cargo rapidly for pay by the mile or by weight, the trucking industry has created a killing field on US roads. So what can we do to stop the carnage? Truck accident lawyer Brad Pistotnik is an expert on motor-carrier regulations, practices, and litigation. His book Truck Accidents Kill is the most authoritative text to date on the issues surrounding large-truck accidents. From the latest available statistics and the causes of driver errors to manufacturing and maintenance problems, job pressures, and questions of liability, he provides the tools for anyone who is concerned about road safety. The book is valuable to attorneys who are fighting to ensure that the trucking and insurance industries take responsibility in keeping the public safe.

About the Author Brad Pistotnik

Brad Pistotnik is a personal-injury attorney in Wichita, Kansas, who has been practicing since 1981. He is licensed in Kansas state courts, and also frequently represents clients in other states, where he is admitted pro hac vice with local counsel. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the Kansas Association for Justice, and is recognized by the American Society of Legal Advocates as a Top 100 litigation lawyer. His practice has focused on personal-injury cases with severe and catastrophic injuries, and his legal work concentrates on accidents involving tractor-trailers and other vehicles, as well as construction-site accidents, nursing-home negligence, and similar cases requiring intensive, skilled litigation. He is an accomplished trial lawyer with numerous verdicts and multimillion-dollar settlements, having litigated against large insurance carriers, nursing homes across the country, and motor carriers including Tyson Foods, Archer Daniels Midland, Federal Express, and UPS.