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Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks by Brad Pistotnik Law

Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks

  1. Truck-wise:
    It is essential for vehicles sharing the road with trucks to be able to identify the different types of trucks in order to maximize safety.
  2. Oversize trucks:
    These trucks are not like the average trucks you see. They are longer, wider, and larger than average trucks. These trucks use flashing orange lights and the lights are usually present in the front and the back in order to allow vehicles to see the size and potential hazard of these oversized monster trucks.

  3. Long vehicles:
    These vehicles have the ability to tow a number of different types of trailers that can actually be the length of two semis. These longer tractor-trailers are especially dangerous due to the increased stopping distance of the tandem trailers. These tractor-trailers make wider turns than normal tractor-trailers. They carry more cargo. Because of increased weight and mass, they are especially hazardous to cars.

  4. Do not cut in:
    It is critical that drivers in cars avoid large trucks and the blind spots associated with them. Keep an appropriate distance in front of and behind these dangerous trucks.

  5. Do not overtake a turning vehicle:
    All types of trucks require a wider space for turning, especially larger trucks, and in many areas, trucks can legally turn from the center lane. Never move into the blind spot of a truck, especially when it is turning. Always remember that if you cannot see the driver’s face in the mirrors, he or she cannot see you either.
  6. Maintain your speed:
    Drivers should be extremely cautious when driving next to trucks, especially when a truck is overtaking. Avoid staying immediately next to a large truck or tractor-trailer in the adjacent lane. As previously noted, wind and other weather conditions can cause them to have sudden lane shifts. Poorly trained or underqualified drivers are not good at maintaining a single lane of travel. It’s best to allow them to pass quickly and then keep a safe and appropriate distance.
  7. Roundabouts:
    Operators of passenger cars need to take note of the recent increase in the construction of roundabouts. The larger trucks will shift lanes while going through these types of intersections. Again, keep a safe distance. Large trucks need wider spaces to make turns and require a larger turning radius or area. You should stay far away from trucks in these types of roadways in order to protect yourself, your family, and other passengers.
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