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Should I give a tape recorded statement to the insurance adjuster after my car or motorcycle accident? Absolutely, 100% never give a statement to an insurance company adjuster before you speak to an attorney or a lawyer or ABOGADO.

You need to understand that insurance companies have SIU or special investigative units normally called fraud units. The problem with this concept is that people really are not committing fraud for insurance money and any one that believes that people are in Kansas with fraudulent claims is in a sad state of misunderstanding. It is a fallacy that the insurance community has created through television programming and online marketing to brainwash people into thinking that people that are truly hurt our fraud, nothing could be further from the truth. Real people with legitimate accidents get into car accidents, motorcycle accidents and by hiring truck accidents or semi-accidents or other accidents and then innocently trust the insurance company adjuster who calls them and tells him there their friend and they will help them. This is BS.

These adjusters are trained with special SIU department tactics and are trained on how to screw over innocent personal injury victims. These adjusters who are highly trained in destroying your case end up telling you that they will help you and they will settle your case and you don’t need a lawyer. The Insurance Research Council study of 1994 concluded that just the opposite is true; As a result of that study the American insurance industry set up 24 hour quick contact guidelines that most companies follow where adjusters receive monetary bonuses and pays raises if they keep you from hiring a lawyer or attorney. It is clear why an insurance company would pay a bonus or do incentives and payroll increases to an adjuster to keep you from hiring a lawyer. The answer is very simple. The study concluded that if you hire a lawyer after an accident you will get better medical care because the lawyer is connected to medical doctors and you should recover, on the average, 4.3 times more in your gross recovery than without a lawyer. These adjusters don’t tell you that you need a lawyer.

Many adjusters are great cross examiners and some of them are lawyers who wind up working on the dark side of the insurance industry. Those people don’t care about others. They don’t know you may be losing your house, your wife or your car, all they do care about is whether they can convince you to go to a chiropractor and to avoid hiring an attorney. You are nothing more than a widget to them. This means you are a number in a computer and they need to get you settled as cheap and fast as possible. All you are to them is a variable in an algorithm that has a set monetary value known as the severity value or the industry average settlement for your particular type off case. A rear end car crash with a whiplash has an insurance industry mean statistical value or average amount.

I spent approximately 6-7 years of my life suing a very well-known major insurance company who spent $3.5 million defending a case that could have been settled for $25,000. Ultimately, that case resulted in an $845,000 verdict in federal court in the insurance company spent so much money fighting over the $25,000 in Federal District Court. The insurance company paid three different law firms at least $3,000,000.00 just to defend this one little case. That case taught me how bad insurance companies are. Insurance companies are evil, profit-seeking, non-compassionate money machines that are nothing more than a cash cow. The insurance companies keep their money by taking your money, investing the money and then delaying payment as long as they have to on valuable cases.

The longer the insurance company delays payment the more they make. They now have begun to move their adjusting groups into regionalized centers to make an even larger profit.

One very well-known case involving a differing insurance carrier held monthly contests to see who could pay the lowest value for a legitimate case and the winner got a free vacation. This means that the insurance company actually was giving away bonuses to the adjusters to cheat human beings who had been badly injured.

I used to have a former insurance adjuster that worked for another well-known insurance company who ultimately quit that company and then became an attorney for me. He told me that he used to stick a $500 check on the injured person’s kitchen table when he had a new claim and told people that if they need the money there it was. He did not tell them that the check had a release and once cashed, there case was over. He told me that this particular insurance company settled about 90 percent of their cases in that manner in the older days. This is so bad that it is scandalous. These are true stories that I don’t make up. After spending thousands of legal hours over several years on one case I learned about all of these insurance industry tactics and secrets are real and true and continue today.

The minute you screw up and talk to the insurance adjuster and you don’t have a lawyer with you and you don’t have the police report and you talk openly on a tape recorded statement, then once the wrong word comes out of your case, your case is worth much less or even zero. If you do that, after reading this, then shame on you. None of this has to happen. All you have to do is call for a good lawyer to get great legal advice and then protect yourself. Brad Pistotnik Law has good lawyers and we have 17 lawyers, case managers, paralegals, legal assistants and direct care staff who will work as a team to protect you.

Of course, maybe you made think that this is all trash talk on the insurance industry. Unfortunately, this is from real studies of one case that I spent a seven-year period of my life working on and became shocked when I found out that the normal adjusters at the local level dealing with people were unaware of these tactics. All of this bad dealing and fraudulent tactics come from upper regional management areas of local companies like Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, Shelter, Progressive, GEICO, USAA, Travelers and most other similar insurance companies selling to the general public for car insurance, motorcycle insurance and other types of insurance. They all use SIU departments and almost all of them you non-represented adjusters to deal with the personal injury client to failed to hire an attorney.

If you don’t hire a lawyer you will get what is called a non-represented adjuster. That is a trained adjuster with a brain that keeps you from getting a fair recovery because you were too stupid to go to a lawyer or an attorney. The other adjusters are called represented adjusters. Those adjusters are trained to deal specifically with the particular lawyer or law firm because they know that the case is going to cost them a lot more money once you have the right law firm. Even though we deal with many cases I deal with only a very small number of adjusters because each insurance company only assigns a handful of people that are smart enough to deal with my people. Those adjusters study us and understand our habits. They know when we are bluffing. They know when we are serious. They know when we’re going to sue them. Because of this, they settle the cases rather than incur tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary defense costs.

When you want a lawyer who actually understands true insurance industry tactics there are very few that do. I am one of only a handful of lawyers that has taken upper management depositions of Vice Presidents of Allstate and taken depositions of key people who determine the final destiny of the people that their insured drivers hurt. You can’t find that every day because most lawyers do not want to work years and years on just one case. Across the country I know several other good lawyers that will fight an insurance carrier for years like I will. They are great lawyers who take pride in their work and will spend as much time and money as is necessary to fight about right versus wrong.

While I am not as young as I used to be I have continued to learn the ins and outs of the insurance industry and try to prevent insurance companies from hurting people. Many nice working people pay insurance companies their whole life and never make a claim and then one day a bad event occurs and then the insurance company does not want to protect them. This is not right. When that bad day happens you should call Brad Pistotnik Law. You should call the lawyers that care and you should call Brad Pistotnik on his personal cell phone at 316-706-5020 to get some free advice to protect yourself before you give that statement to the insurance adjuster that you can never change once it’s done.

I could tell you about the thousands of people that don’t listen to this advice and call me after the statement is given and then the insurance company tells them they won’t pay. Call me first and do not give that statement. I will help you protect your rights. I will teach you all that I know. I will go out of my way to teach you how to protect yourself in that first consultation which is always free. I don’t require money up front to take on your case and if you have a lawyer on the personal injury case asking for money up front from you, then you should run as fast and far away as you can because that means that lawyer doesn’t know what they’re doing. True personal injury attorneys do not charge money up front.

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