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Personal Injury Lawsuit and Emotional Distress

Physical pain from an accident can lead to a complete life change. Broken bones, nerve damage, and other symptoms can occur, due to the mistakes of others. These issues may leave you wondering where your next paycheck is going to come from because you are unable to work. It can leave you worrying about the medical bills filling up your mailbox. Personal injury can also stop you from doing the tasks you could once complete like driving, playing sports, and other activities. You may also worry about your family and how the event is affecting them. Many situations leave the main provider injured, causing the income level to significantly drop. All of these factors can cause an immense amount of stress on a person. This is a component in a personal injury lawsuit that shouldn't be ignored.


A car accident can be a terrifying experience to go through. The physical scars left behind can also reflect the pain on the inside. Many do not know that you can document these feelings. Anxiety is a common after effect of an accident. Many victims may have nightmares or become overwhelmingly fearful of certain situations involving the components of their accident. This affects the way you live life.

Sit down with your personal injury lawyer and discuss what you are experiencing emotionally. Many may find this to be a complicated process, but the more your lawyer knows, the better they can win your case. A lawyer can recommend you to the right professionals to get help and document your situation. Documentation can also include keeping a journal of how you feel daily after the occurrence. Feeling depressed is also another extreme effect of an accident.

The person at wrong should be held responsible for their actions. This includes causing you mental turmoil. Sleep loss is another sign of stress. If you are losing sleep because of anxiety and fear, due to an accident, you should document it. Another factor courts will consider is how you acted before the accident. People with psychological issues before an accident can still show signs of change but this case may be more difficult to prove. If the way you acted before the injury is significantly different, this greatly enhances the compensation you can get.

In the state of Kansas, there is a limit on non-economical damages in personal injury cases. During a personal injury lawsuit, a Wichita accident attorney should exercise the right methods to get you the highest compensation possible.

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