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Is It Possible to Safely Operate an ATV?

Is It Possible to Safely Operate an ATV?

Is it possible to safely operate an ATV? How often do ATV accidents cause death or severe injury in the United States? ATV's are popular for having fun and getting around the farm. Adhering to safety protocols and safe riding procedures will help reduce the risk of an accident. However, the only 100% effective form of prevention is not to ride these hazardous machines. As of the end of 2018, a total of 15,744 ATV-related fatalities were recorded in the United States since 1982.

ATV Injuries and Deaths

In 2018, 264 people died in ATV related accidents. This was down sharply from the 463 recorded in 2017. However, the caveat to this is that the total calculated number of deaths is still being compiled, and the true number may rise higher as the Consumer Product Safety Commission collects more data.

Nationwide, children under the age of 16 accounted for roughly 20% of all fatalities recorded since 1982. When children are killed, approximately 50% are under the age of 12.

Most ATV accidents don't cause a fatality. However, they do cause serious injuries. In 2018, there were approximately 81,800 emergency room visits related to ATV accidents. Of these, approximately 26% involved children under the age of 16. On the positive side, the number of injuries recorded in 2018 dropped significantly from the 93,800 recorded in 2017.

When injuries occurred, approximately 17% required hospitalization. Common injuries from ATV accidents include contusions, abrasions, and fractures. These primarily affect the arms, head, neck, leg, and torso. Other common serious and potentially life-changing injuries include a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), paralysis, and limb loss.

ATV Safety Matters

Safety is essential; otherwise, you could end up needing an ATV accident lawyer. Following basic safety protocols can help reduce the risk of an ATV accident in Kansas. These include:

  • ATV's should never be operated on paved roads. In Kansas, individuals are prohibited from operating an ATV on any state or federal road. Individuals may be able to operate their ATV during daylight hours, and after-hours with headlights, on public streets in cities that have less than 15,000 residents. Even where legal, it is exceedingly dangerous to drive on the road as this puts the ATV in close proximity to automobiles, large trucks, etc.
  • Children under 16 should never be allowed to operate an ATV unsupervised. Further, they should not operate an ATV built for adults at any time.
  • ATV's should not be driven with passengers on board, and individuals should not ride as passengers on an ATV.
  • Helmets should be worn at all times, as should eye protection, strong boots, gloves, and other protective gear.
  • Individuals should not operate an ATV without first completing an ATV safety course.
  • Individuals should never ride beyond their skills and abilities, nor should they perform potentially hazardous stunts such as jumps, riding on two wheels, fording deep water, etc.
  • Individuals should never operate an ATV while consuming alcohol or prescription medications that can impair their driving ability.

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