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Injured from Corona Virus Test


With the news surrounding coronavirus testing, cases, deaths, and all of these statistics it is easy to be afraid of going to the doctor. What we've learned is that many people are scared to death of the nasal swab of the COVID-19 test and their fear is nothing more than the normal healthy fear of medical treatment.

The good news is the hospitals, testing facilities, and their staff, have never been safer.


There are two types of tests being practiced in the United States. The diagnostic test and the antibody test. The diagnostic test will determine if you have the coronavirus currently. The antibody test will determine if your immune system has generated antibodies in defense of the coronavirus in the past. The call we are receiving the most is regarding the diagnostic detection of COVID-19 via nasal swab. The antibody test is commonly performed via a blood sample.

Can you be injured by having the nasal swab done during a professional COVID-19 Test?

No. It is safe. It may be uncomfortable, but it is safe.

Can you contract COVID-19 by having a test procedure done?

No. You should, just as the facilities you visit, practice CDC guidelines for leaving any stay-at-home suggestions or orders to maintain social distancing. The healthcare provider you visit is trained in cross-contamination procedures and the tests are only done once, with different equipment.

If you think you have coronavirus and need a test, contact your health care provider immediately. You can expect a quick and safe exam backed by the FDA and the Federal Government. In the Wichita area, we recommend Quest Diagnostics:

Testing Locations

Quest Diagnostics (Performing Antibody Test)
9050 E 29th St N Ste 80
Wichita, KS 67226

Lab Corp
9120 E 37th St
Wichita, KS 67226

There is also a Home Kit available, from Lab Corp. You can learn more at the Local Wichita Office below, or by visiting this link.

Please consult your medical doctors or family practitioner for more details regarding COVID-19 and your health. If you need our help with and injury during this time, please visit. We offer free face masks for you and your family at both our locations in Wichita and Garden City.

You may call ahead at 1-800-WIN-BULL

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The coronavirus may be present and scary but it does not help us from stopping our legal help to all cars, truck and motorcycle accidents, and injury victims. Since the initial shut down we never closed our doors and remain open for you.