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How Whiplash Affects Drivers

How can a personal injury lawyer help on a whiplash case? Approximately 120,000 cases of whiplash are reported in the United States each year. and it is estimated that whiplash has an incidence rate of 300 people out of every 100,000. It is one of the most common automobile accident injuries in the country and occur in accidents at speeds as low as 5 MPH. The majority of cases occur in rear-end accidents with speeds ranging between 6 MPH and 12 MPH.

Whiplash occurs when the head is rapidly moved forward and then backward. This strains the muscles and ligaments within the neck beyond their normal range of motion, causing the muscles and ligaments to tear. It can also cause significant damage to the vertebrae. Whiplash injuries can cause a coup or contrecoup movement of the brain damaging axons from shear forces which then causes brain cell death resulting in closed head injuries and traumatic brain injuries. These injuries do not normally show up on ordinary CT scans or MRI and are better shown on SPECT scans, PET scans and by QEEG analysis.

While the symptoms of whiplash can present themselves immediately, it is more common for them to appear in the days or weeks following an accident. These symptoms can include general neck pain, tenderness, and stiffness that is usually accompanied by a diminished range of motion. It commonly causes severe headaches that originate near the base of the skull and often causes significant discomfort in the shoulders and upper back region. It is also possible to experience tingling and numbness in the arms and hands, as well as sudden onset fatigue and dizziness. This can then result in ruptured and herniated or bulging discs and facet injuries which require epidural injections, medial branch blocks and radio frequency ablation (RFA). In more severe cases, it can cause personality changes including irritability, memory problems, depression, and difficulty concentrating on tasks. These types of physical injuries can often be viewed on an MRI, CT Scan, or through X-Rays.

This is why it's especially important to have a qualified doctor give a full diagnosis when it comes to your injuries, no matter how minor they may seem. Cases that occur in Northwest, Southwest and Northern Kansas and other rural areas usually have clinics that rarely have a real doctor and they have Physician's Assistant treating the people and many car accident, motorcycle accident and truck accident personal injury victims do not get the type of care they need. When you call Brad Pistotnik Law we go out of our way to try to get injured patients necessary treatment from qualified doctors. Many severe back or neck injuries that are misdiagnosed can lead to more severe problems if not properly treated. In the long run, the sooner severe back or neck injuries are treated the better.

The cost of treating a back or neck injury depends on the severity of the injury. Physical therapy can cost as much as $10,000 per month. Treatment can include a combination of acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. If the discs have ruptured or become herniated, they may require surgery to repair. This can significantly add to the cost of treatment and recovery as most people are unable to work during the recovery period which can extend for two to four weeks.

Brad Pistotnik Law is a personal injury law practice which represents clients who have suffered back and neck injuries in an automobile accident. If you are experiencing symptoms of whiplash in Wichita, El Dorado, Hutchinson, Salina, Dodge City, Garden City, Liberal, Hays, Colby, Kingman, Pratt, Wellington, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, or Oklahoma. Our personal injury lawyers, personal injury attorneys and abogados can bring your claim to court. Individuals and their personal injury lawyer can pursue claims for lost wages, treatment, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life that can result from whiplash injuries.

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