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How to Stay Safe When School's Back in Session

How to Stay Safe When School's Back in Session

How do you keep yourself and your child safe from accidents when school starts? What steps can parents take to reduce the risk of a collision with a school bus or other parent? School is back in session and that means parents and other drivers need to slow down and watch out for children on their way to and from school. Staying alert won't just reduce the risk of needing an auto repair; it will reduce the possibility of a young child's parents getting a life-changing knock on the door.

Be Careful Around School Buses

From 2007 to 2016, there were 1,147 fatal accidents involving school buses and other forms of school-related transportation. These claimed 1,282 lives. Of those who died, 9% were occupants within the school vehicle, while 20% were pedestrians and bicyclists.

Of those who died, 60% were struck by the school bus, 38% were struck by a passenger car, truck, or motorcycle, while a further 2% were killed by vehicles functioning as a school bus. While all children are at risk of fatality in accidents involving a bus, there is a greater risk for children ages 5-7, 8-13, and 19+.

Parents reduce the risk of an accident when they pay particular attention for small children near school buses and heed warning signals and stop sign indicators on the bus. Most fatality causing accidents involve vehicles traveling straight, and nearly 50% occur as the vehicle rolls into motion from a full stop.

Slow Down & Buckle Up

Speed kills, and in 2017, 9.717 individuals lost their lives in speed-related accidents. Of those who died, 49% were not wearing seat belts. Parents and teen drivers should always adhere to posted speed limits in school zones and residential areas which is usually between 15 mph and 35 mph. While you may be in a rush to get to practice, to the store, or into work, remember that you will be even later if you are involved in a motor vehicle wreck.

Watch Out for Cyclists & Wear Helmets

Many children ride their bikes to school in the warmer months. August, September, and October are the deadliest months and correlate with the start of school throughout the state. Combined, these three months accounted for 31% of all cyclists deaths in 2017. Time of day matters as well, with 54% of fatal accidents occurring from 3 p.m. to midnight.

In 2017, 101 cyclists under the age of 20 died in motor vehicle accidents. This was 13% of all bicycle accident deaths in the U.S.. Of all cyclists who died, 54% were not wearing a helmet. Helmets provide critical protection that can prevent traumatic brain injuries and damage to the cervical spine.

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