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How Risky are Repetitive Motion Injuries?

Workers' compensation law allows workers to pursue claims for repetitive motion injuries that result from the repeated performance of tasks on the job. In 2004, the National Center for Biotechnology Information estimated that approximately 66% of all work relatedinjuries are due to repetitive motion. These include micro movements such as typing or scanning bar codes, as well as larger movements such as lifting inventory, hauling furniture, etc.

In 2012, the rate of reported repetitive motion injuries was 3.0 per 10,000 workers across all sectors. On average, it takes a worker 28 days to recover from repetitive motion injuries. Nationwide, repetitive motion injuries that include strains, sprains, and tears had an incidence rate of 38 per 10,000 workers. For injuries involving microtasks such as typing or scanning, the rate is 2.2 per 10,000 workers. Law enforcement, food preparation workers, sheet metal workers, laundry/dry cleaning workers, and office personnel had the highest rates of injury from the performance of microtasks. The direct cost of all repetitive motion injuries is estimated to exceed $1.8 billion per year.

Common repetitive motion injuries include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis, Bursitis,rotator cuff injuries, and nerve entrapment. It is estimated that as many as 8 million workers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and 260,000 surgeries are required each year more than to treat the injury, and 47% of these surgeries are the direct result of work related injuries.

Repetitive motion injuries can be caused by using vibrating equipment such as jackhammers or saws, adopting awkward positions while working in confined spaces, and using equipment that is not ergonomically designed. Repetitive motion injuries typically develop over long periods of time and can take years to manifest themselves. Because there is a statute of limitations for workers' compensation law, it is important to keep thorough records that show the presence and progression of the injury.

Repetitive motion injuries are often precursors to more serious injuries and damage to the musculoskeletal system. These injuries account for more than 70 million healthcare visits per year. The Institute of Medicine estimates the annual economic burden of these injuries is between $45 and $54 billion. Depending on the severity of the condition and the quality of the treatment received, these injuries can have a significant impact on an individual's ability to continue working in their desired profession.

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