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How Often Does an Accident Only Cause Property Damage in Kansas?

How often does an automobile or large truck accident cause nothing more than property damage? What compensation can clients pursue to cover the repair or replacement of physical property? The majority of automobile and large truck accidents don't cause personal injuries or wrongful deaths. However, they do cause significant amounts of damaged property. When property is damaged in an automobile accident, there are options individuals can pursue to cover the cost of repair and replacement to personal property whether it is a vehicle, home, business, landscaping, or other item that was damaged in the accident. The important thing about tracking property damage is that it shows how often a careless driver has an accident. This fact alone shows that the motor carrier may have negligently retained a bad driver or is not supervising a bad driver.

In 2016, Kansas had an overall crash rate of 1.93 per million miles traveled involving a total of 100,158 cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, and other types of vehicles. In all, the state had an injury crash rate of .42 per million miles traveled, and a fatality rate of 1.19 per one-hundred million miles traveled. This means that there are a lot of accidents in Kansas. You need the lawyers with decades of experience, Brad Pistotnik Law. Let are personal injury attorneys, personal injury lawyers and personal injury abogados help you and your family. We always give free consultations on auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, farm accidents and other type of personal injury cases.

Advances in protective technology including better brakes, more responsive airbags, and stronger seatbelts means that even the deadliest driving behaviors may cause nothing more than damage to vehicles, structures, and personal possessions. In 2016, there were 4,472 accidents caused by speeding. Of these automobile accidents, 65 caused fatalities and 1,351 caused personal injuries. By comparison, 3,055 only caused property damage. Many people lie about having bad brakes so it is important to check the brakes whenever a negligent driver claims that their brakes were not working. It is more likely that they were on their phone texting.

In 2016, there were 2,211 alcohol related crashes. 1,284 of these accidents only caused damage to property. Alcohol related accidents involved a total of 3,952 people. Of those involved in drunk driving accidents, 85 died from their injuries, while 1,162 suffered personal injuries. Miraculously, 2,704 walked away from the accident unharmed.

Reckless driving is a deadly driving behavior that caused 1,190 crashes in 2016. 768 of these accidents involved property damage only. It's close cousin, aggressive driving, caused 228 crashes, of which 151 caused only property damage.

Finally, distracted driving is an increasingly common and ever dangerous driving behavior that caused 633 accidents in 2016, 438 of which caused only property damage. From 2011 to 2016, there were a total of 3,275 distracted driving accidents in Kansas. While these caused 31 deaths and personal injuries to 1,461 drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, a total of 2,192 of these accidents only damaged property. The use of phones and technology is getting worse and causing more accidents.

Even at low speeds, the amount of property damage that can be sustained in an automobile accident can be significant. In 2013, the average claim for property damage in a motor vehicle accident was $3,231. Most personal property is not covered under an automobile insurance policy. However, it may be covered under a homeowners or renters insurance policy. For instance, if a vehicle crashes into a policyholder's home or business, the policy will likely cover this damage. However, it will only cover repairs to the structure after the policyholder pays the deductible. If personal possessions such as electronics, artwork, furniture, and clothing are damaged or destroyed in the accident, these items may or may not be covered depending on the provisions and limitations within the policy. When pursuing claims for damaged property, individuals can include the cost of the deductible. It is always best to keep receipts to be able to prove the value of the lost personal property in a car accident.

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