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How Often do Large Trucks Catch Fire? Personal Injury Attorney Brad Pistotnik handles these types of cases.

How Often do Large Trucks Catch Fire? Personal Injury Attorney Brad Pistotnik handles these types of cases.

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How often do large trucks catch fire in an accident? How significant is the risk to motorists involved in an accident where the truck and trailer erupt in flames? There are an estimated 51 commercial truck fires every day. These represent approximately 6.9% of all motor vehicle fires in the United States. Motorists who become injured or trapped within their vehicle are at considerable risk of suffering thermal burn injuries and toxic fume inhalation. These can lead to permanent disfigurement and potentially wrongful death.

Truck Fires in the United States

From 2006 to 2010, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimated that there was an average of 5,890 fires involving commercial trucks and trailers. These accounted for 2% of all vehicle fires. By comparison, passenger vehicles were involved in an average of 152,280 fires which represented roughly 63% of all motor vehicle fires.

During the examined period, the NFPA showed there was an average of 4,600 fires each year involving general use trucks, dump trucks, and fire trucks. Less common were garbage and waste trucks that were involved in an average of 1,730 vehicle fires per year.

Tanker trucks carrying flammable fuels, combustible liquids, or chemical cargo were involved in an average of 360 fires per year. Tankers carrying non-flammable cargo were involved in an average of 270 fires.

Non-Commercial Truck and Trailer Fires

Commercial vehicles aren't the only vehicles that pose a fire risk to motorists. From 2006 to 2010, motor homes, campers, and bookmobiles had an average of 2,660 fires per year.

Travel trailers were involved in 1,290 fires per year, and collapsible camping trailers were involved in an average of 210 fires.

Causes of Truck and Trailer Fires

Many truck and trailer fires occur following spillage of combustible fuel on hot engines during a crash. Fires can also occur when cargo breaks loose during transport, or when valves on storage tanks containing combustible fuels aren't properly closed. Less commonly, motor vehicle fires occur when fuel storage tanks are punctured during a collision.

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