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How do you hire an attorney or lawyer that knows about wrongful death claims and survival claims?

The easiest way to find a lawyer or attorney who understands and comprehends wrongful death claims and survival claims is by calling Brad Pistotnik Law. Wrongful death can be one of the most horrible things that a family ever has to undergo. When your loved one has been injured in a car accident and seriously injured and then finally dies it takes a toll on the entire family. The questions arise as to how you are going to pay for the funeral expenses and how is the family going to be supported after a wrongful death. Most families are grief stricken at this stage and do not understand the magnitude of what has happened. At Brad Pistotnik Law, our attorneys and lawyers and abogados can give you a free consultation with the guidance and counseling that you need. It does not cost you any money to talk to us at the first consultation which is always free and if we take your case on, we do not charge any money upfront. We only get paid if we win.

Wrongful death cases and the law surrounding them varies from state to state. Our lawyers are licensed in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Texas and Florida. Each of these states has a variation on the wrongful death case. Many states have claims for the conscious pain-and-suffering of a personal injury victim who has had to suffer after an accident but before actually die. This is called a survival claim. While it is difficult to talk about, one of the biggest parts of a personal injury case can be the survival claim. In many instances, extreme investigation and discovery are necessary to find out how much pain and suffering the personal injury victim was in prior to their death. Many times there are no witnesses other than another passenger in the car who also passes on or the defendant who caused the accident. Many wrongful deaths occur from tractor-trailer accidents and large truck and semi-accidents. In those cases, the truck drivers are instructed and trained not to say one word to anyone and it is exceedingly difficult to get them to admit that the person that they kill consciously suffered. We know how to ask extensive deposition questions to get the truth out of the negligent driver.

In some states like Oklahoma, the law presumes a person cannot die without having pain-and-suffering. My own personal thought is that it is impossible for a person to die without feeling the impending moment of injury and death.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian-vehicular accident, farm equipment accident, crane accident, construction accident or other serious catastrophic injury claim and suffered extreme pain and/or had a loved one die from any of these types of accident can call Brad Pistotnik Law now to get your free consultation. We work in Wichita, Garden City, Liberal, Dodge city, Satanta, Ulysses, Great Bend, Colby, Hays, Salina, Florida, Independence, Manhattan, Kansas City, Lawrence, Junction city, Enid, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Lincoln, Omaha, Pittsburg, Coffeyville, Wellington, Winfield, Springfield, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Laredo, and across many other cities in the Midwest.

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