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How Do You Document Pain and Suffering?

How do you document pain and suffering damages? What steps should you take to create an accurate account of the effect an injury has on your life? On average, there are approximately 6,500 automobile accident injuries every day. That totals more than 2.35 million injuries per year. Those who have suffered a physical or mental injury should keep a written record of the impact that the injury has on their life. It is a simple step that can establish a baseline to calculate pain and suffering damages.

Physical pain is easy to document. Individuals should identify the parts of their body that hurt, whether it is a leg that is placed in a cast, a head or neck injury, or a shoulder in a sling. This record should include dates, as well as thorough photographs that document bruises, swelling, etc. It is also advisable to keep a log of medications that were taken to manage the injury.

It is also important to keep a record of physical therapy sessions and medical appointments. This helps establish the steps involved in your recovery and the impact medical care and therapy are having on the injury. Records of these appointments should also be included in your diary.

The final component of a pain and suffering diary is recording the psychological impact of the injury. How has the injury affected your performance at work? Has it changed your relationships with your friends, children, spouse, or other family members? Has the injury caused symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder? PTSD is common, and it affects roughly 9% of automobile accident survivors. This component of the diary should incorporate statements from counselors or psychologists about the the psychological impact of the injury on your lifestyle, work, and relationships. Never keep a diary without the direction of your attorney or lawyer. If you do it without direction from your lawyer, it may become admissible in court.

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