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How Dangerous Is That Scooter on the Corner?

How Dangerous Is That Scooter on the Corner?

How dangerous are scooter rentals? What should riders do to protect themselves from accidents and injuries when using these devices? Scooters are becoming a popular mode of travel in urban and suburban communities. While these devices may seem innocuous, the reality is that they can cause serious injuries and wrongful deaths. Riders who wish to use these devices should exercise extreme caution, wear a helmet, and make sure they adhere to the rules of the road.

The Rise of E-Scooters

E-scooters are popping up throughout the country. Cheap and easily accessible, the e-scooter rental industry is loosely regulated. In order to rent an e-scooter, riders are not required to undergo formal training or utilize any form of safety device such as a helmet or padding.

Further, providers of e-scooter rentals are susceptible to damage and e-scooter providers are not sufficiently inspecting or maintaining their fleets. In fact, numerous lawsuits have been filed against Bird, Lime, Segway, and Xiaomi for defective manufacturing, negligent practices, and unlawful deployment of these scooters. Further, a growing number of cities are issuing citywide bans to prohibit the proliferation of these dangerous devices.

Risk of Injury on E-Scooter Rentals

Approximately 45% of e-scooter injuries involve concussions, contusions, or other forms of head trauma. 43% involve injuries to the knees, 40% involve facial injuries, and 37% involve injured hands. Approximately 33% of injuries are bone fractures. Nationwide, approximately 14.3 injuries are recorded for every 100,000 trips on an e-scooter.

The median age for injured riders is 29 and almost 29% of injuries are suffered by first-time riders. Of all riders who were injured, 63% had used an electric scooter less than 10 times. This highlights the role of inexperience and lack of training on the risk of having an e-scooter accident. In particular, the rider's inability to control speed, which is a factor in approximately 37% of e-scooter crashes.

A total of 18% of accidents involve collisions with motor vehicles. Of all riders who suffered injuries in the CDC study, only 1 was wearing a helmet at the time of their accident.

Protecting Yourself From Injury

Riders should never rent an obviously damaged e-scooter. When a rider chooses to ride, they should always wear a properly fitting helmet and adjust their riding behaviors to match traffic and road conditions. Finally, riders should always obey the rules of the road including all pedestrian and traffic laws.

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