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How Dangerous is that ATV in the Garage for Younger Drivers?

How Dangerous is that ATV in the Garage for Younger Drivers?

How dangerous are ATV's to own and operate? What are the most common causes of serious injury to riders? New riders are at greatest risk of injury or death. It is estimated that within the first month, these riders are at 13 times greater risk than experienced riders. When an accident occurs, an ATV accident lawyer can pursue claims against drivers, vehicle manufacturers, and other parties who are responsible for causing the accident.

Fatal Accidents & Injuries in the United States

Between 1982 and 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recorded 14,653 ATV-related fatalities; 168 of which occurred in Kansas. In all, 3,232, or 22% of all fatalities, were children under the age of 16. In 2016, approximately 101,200 individuals received treatment in hospital emergency departments for ATV-related injuries. Of these, 26% were children under the age of 16. Of those who required emergency treatment, approximately 14% required at least one overnight stay in the hospital.

It's estimated that 22% of injuries involve concussions, and 28% involve bone fractures. 29% of those who are injured suffer injuries to their arms/fingers, 27% suffer head or neck injuries, 22% suffer leg injuries, and 20% suffer injuries to the torso. This data shows that while wearing helmets and padding can help protect riders from injuries, it is equally as important for riders to wear gloves and protective padding.

Causes of ATV Injuries and Fatalities

Every time a rider gets on an ATV, they are at risk of serious injury or death. Drivers can lose control on paved surfaces as easily as they can on gravel roads and dirt trails. If the vehicle is overloaded, this can change the ATV's center of gravity and result in the vehicle overturning. Other causes can include performing dangerous maneuvers, operating the vehicle outside of specified limits, and violating state and local laws by speeding or operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Flipping and rolling are the most common causes of ATV accidents. ATV's are inherently unstable which makes them difficult to control even when they traverse flat roads. Moreover, these machines require considerable physical strength to operate. Younger drivers simply do not have the physical strength, motor skills, or driving experience required to safely operate an ATV. Moreover, these drivers are more likely to take dangerous risks that further increase their risk of serious injury or death in an ATV accident.

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