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How Dangerous are Illegal U-turns?

How Dangerous are Illegal U-turns?

illegal u-turns

How dangerous are illegal U-turns? Is there anything drivers can do to protect themselves from the actions of other motorists on the road? A standard U-turn is one of the most dangerous maneuvers any driver can make on the road. When a motorist breaks the law and does an illegal U-turn on a curve, too close to a road crossing, over a marked median, etc., the risk increases exponentially. As with all dangerous driving behaviors, the best way for motorists to avoid the risk is to stay alert and to closely monitor the actions of motorists in their vicinity.

Where Do Illegal U-Turns Occur?

Most u-turns occur at intersections. Each year, there are an estimated 2.5 million accidents at intersections. This is approximately 40% of all motor vehicle accidents. In all, roughly 20% of fatal motor vehicle accidents occur at intersections. The vast majority of accidents that occur at intersections occur following a left turn, including illegal u-turns.

Many factors can increase the risk of an accident caused by driver negligence. These include heavy traffic, obscured views, damaged road surfaces, posted speed limits, poor weather, lack of lighting, and larger vehicles making the illegal u-turn. Larger vehicles such as semi-trucks require up to two minutes to execute the maneuver, which means that they can block oncoming lanes of traffic during a U-turn. In the majority of crashes, it is the driver of the oncoming vehicle that strikes the vehicle making the illegal u-turn. This is because they have little to no time to stop or maneuver to avoid the vehicle as it enters their lane of traffic.

Making Intersections Safer for Drivers

Governments around the country recognize the risk that illegal u-turns pose to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. In an effort to curb the temptation of traffic scofflaws to make an illegal u-turn, many are redesigning intersections to make them safer for motorists to make left turns and u-turns. City managers claim that by reducing "conflict" points, that redesigned intersections could have a significant impact in reducing the rising number of motor vehicle accidents in the United States.

Seeking Recompense for Accidents Caused by Illegal U-Turns

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