How can you avoid a con man? How can you avoid a con woman?

Unfortunately, for many people, other people who appear to be trustworthy on the surface, many times are not what they seem. A true con man will enter your life and try to gain your trust and confidence in order to trick you out of money or other valuable things. Some people in the new technological world have the ability to fool others who are trusting and can fool those that have naïveté, compassion and general trust of others. My mother raised me as a Christian who helps others and who turns the other cheek. This has allowed me to be taken advantage of at times by charlatans, con men, con women and others. Regardless, my guiding principle of helping those that are less fortunate has always been my guiding light and as long as I can do so, I will help mankind.

My paralegal, Barbara, often tells me that I have way too much compassion and trust in other human beings. However, I was raised this way and believe that you try to look for the good in others. Again, unfortunately, evil in others is often hidden by the person who wants to con another human being. In some cases, those people that you feel are closest to you, actually may be your worst enemies.

Everyone in this world wants other people to like them and everyone in this world wants to have friends. That psychological need causes people to block out their normal protection and self-preservation thoughts. Today’s technological world allows really bad human beings to be Keyboard Warriors and allows evil people to sit in their dungeons and basements and write untrue things about others. I long for the old days when people confronted each other face-to-face instead of hiding and lurking in dark closets using fake alias names on Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and other social media. Just because something is in print or in the news does not make it real. I think President Trump has eloquently made this point many times.

Hypocrisy and judgmental people have gained quite an Army over the last decade or so with the use of cell phones, social media and just simple electronic chicanery. Avoiding people who have created a life filled with trickery, deception, deceit, duplicity, dishonesty, deviousness, subterfuge and underhandedness is harder than it looks. Large business owners, Presidents of companies, CEOs of companies, CFOs of companies and many lawyers and doctors are preyed upon by the truly unscrupulous Con who looks at the upper-level business person, doctor or attorney as a mark.

It has become so bad that long distance phone numbers are no longer used and telemarketers are able to obtain local phone numbers to call with their fraudulent pitch to make fraudulent telemarketers now grab fake local numbers from your own area code to dial in with their fraudulent pitch. You answer the phone thinking it is a local call, only to find out it is a computer talking to you or some telemarketer ready to scam you out of your hard earned dollars. These calls are increasing at an alarming rate and now are so ubiquitous that on an average day during the week, I may receive up to 20 or 30 calls that appear to be from a local number in Kansas and when I answer, I get the computer waiting for an audible tone so that some salesperson can try and pitch their sales gimmick to me.

At Brad Pistotnik Law we try as best we can to avoid these types of swindlers. Every once in a while we get fooled and whenever that happens, we always try to rectify the situation and get away from the bad person or company.

At Brad Pistotnik Law we are always trying to help an injured person who has been wronged that has a legitimate bodily injury or personal injury case. The point of this article and blog is that buyers of legal services from lawyers and attorneys need to understand that not all lawyers and attorneys are equal. There are many good lawyers and attorneys who actually understand how to correctly write a Complaint to file in Federal court or to file a Petition to file in State court that is technically written with legal experience to help our client.

One of the best ways to tell if you are hiring a lawyer who litigates and takes depositions is to ask the lawyer generally where they keep their litigated files. If they only have a couple to show you, then you automatically know they are not a trial lawyer. You can see by the number of actual cases and suits, whether a lawyer actually files lawsuits. If the lawyer does not file lawsuits except once or twice a year, that lawyer may not be helpful to your case.

I was recently speaking to a friend of mine that is a competitor and also a true trial lawyer like me and he said a very interesting thing. I was asking this particular lawyer if they were getting lowball offers from American Family, Farmers, Allstate, GEICO, State Farm, USAA, Travelers, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, AAA, Key Insurance, Dairyland, Sentry, Benchmark, The General and others and this lawyer, who is younger than me, but very wise, said that his firm had the same issues because the insurance industry has become wealthier, stronger and harder to defeat now that they are worth trillions of dollars. This other law firm held a meeting and developed a firm strategy which developed a protocol that any time they get a low offer on a legitimate case, they withdraw their offer of settlement and file suit. At Brad Pistotnik Law, we feel the same way and our protocol has been like that for a long time. We send out a settlement brochure and offer of settlement and if the insurance company gives us a lowball offer and poor response, we usually withdraw the offer and file suit.

While we settle most of our cases without going to trial, most of the bigger settlements come from filing a lawsuit, taking depositions, performing discovery and then going to mediation or negotiating out right before trial. As of this writing, I have personally written 32 lawsuits including Federal Complaints and State Petitions thus far in 2018. We have 5 lawyers in the firm. Many people see me on TV and do not realize how big a law firm we are. We have many paralegals and legal assistants and several experienced case managers as well as a host of other employees that are trained to work in the legal service arena to help clients of Brad Pistotnik Law. We have 20 plus employees to serve personal injury clients.

We have offices in Wichita and Garden City, Kansas. We have cases in many states across the country. Our 5 lawyers have various licenses in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Texas and Florida. Every one of the lawyers and attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law is mentored by Brad Pistotnik and I try to pass down my extensive legal experience in litigation by having the other lawyers strategize with me, do depositions together, prepare jury instructions together and try cases. Presently, we have Brad Pistotnik, Tony Atterbury, Bill Barr, Jay Sizemore and Corey Sucher. We all are true practicing trial attorneys and litigating lawyers. Our lawyers are in depositions and mediations every week of the year and we work as hard as humanly possible.

Now, back to the subject of cons. Remember that the insurance industry may be the biggest group of con artists in the United States. I recently had a call from a lady that was contacted by an insurance company and over the phone they asked her if she just wanted to settle her case quickly right then for one thousand dollars. They immediately started to tape record her into giving a release over the phone. She finally hung up on them and called me for legal advice. This type of event occurs every week by many different insurance companies.

In the old days, they would drive over to your house and leave an insurance check or insurance company draft for $500 on your kitchen table without telling you that when you signed it, the release language on the back gave away all of your legal rights. An older adjuster that I knew from Farmers once told me he was able to settle 97% of all of the cases he was assigned by leaving $500 checks on people’s kitchen tables whey they were desperate for money to pay rent, car payments and feed their families. This one upper level insurance adjuster literally conned and tricked thousands of injured people early on in the first few days after the accident when they were at their weakest point. Don’t get conned. Hire the real Brad! ®

We work across the State of Kansas and in other states where our attorneys are licensed. In the State of Kansas and these other states, we handle car accidents, truck accidents, farm accident injuries, business vehicle injury cases, fleet vehicle accident cases, bus cases, train accidents, Workers’ Compensation cases, personal injury cases, bodily injury cases, product liability injuries, amputation cases, paralysis cases, wrongful death cases and every other type of accident that causes human injury and suffering.

We work in Wichita, Augusta, Derby, Winfield, Wellington, Arkansas City, Coffeyville, Fort Scott, Independence, Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, Ness City, Bird City, Phillipsburg, Goodland, Colby, Hays, Great Bend, Salina, Lindsborg, Hutchinson, Kingman, Pratt, El Dorado, Abilene, Kansas City, Manhattan, Lawrence, Junction City, Olathe, Gardner, and many other cities and towns across Kansas and other states.

We always work with no money up front and we only get paid if you get a recovery. We work on a percentage and we try to be competitive with every other personal injury lawyer in the State of Kansas and keep our rates lower than most of them. Why? Because we know what is fair and we know what is right to our clients. I spend most days, nights and weekends working and take very few days off and vacations are rare because we are dedicated and I am dedicated to helping personal injury victims to get back their lives. We try to put you back to whole, but that is not always possible. That’s why I always recommend that you make sure that you carry a large amount of underinsured motorist coverage with no less than $250,000 per person bodily injury coverage and $250,000 per person uninsured motorist coverage and $250,000 per person underinsured motorist coverage. Your chance of getting hit by some person with no insurance or only $25,000 of insurance coverage is very high in these times.

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You can call from Western Kansas at 620-THE-BULL. Our main office location is at 10111 E. 21st St. N., Suite 204, Wichita Kansas 67206. Our Wichita office is conveniently located on the northeast side of town and our Garden City office is conveniently located in the area directly across the street from Walmart and just behind the AT&T building and in front of Home Depot and Sams. Our Garden City office is located at 3102 E. Kansas Avenue, Suite 100, Garden City, Kansas 67846. The Wichita office is just east of 21st Street and Webb Road on the northeast part of Wichita. We are not on East Central and have not been there for more than four years. If you cannot come in to us, we will travel to meet you. As I write this, Tony is on his way to Salina to see a new client that has severe bodily injuries and could not travel into Wichita. We know that really badly injured people have a hard time traveling in a car.

We always give free consultations and we answer the phone 24/7 and on weekends and holidays for free legal consultation. We are the lawyers who provide justice to the people that need an advocate and do not have the money to fight big business. We are the lawyers, attorneys and abogados that help all people regardless of race, ancestry, religion, gender and we try to help everyone because everyone deserves a good lawyer.

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