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How Can Pedestrians Protect Themselves from a Pedestrian Accident Injury?

How Can Pedestrians Protect Themselves from a Pedestrian Accident Injury?

Pedestrian preventing an auto accident

How can pedestrians protect themselves from an automobile accident? What measures can reduce the rising rates of injuries and fatalities? Pedestrian accidents and fatalities are rising in America. As such, pedestrians should take proactive measures to protect themselves from harm. At the same time, it is necessary for urban planners to redesign roads, sidewalks, and thoroughfares so that pedestrians aren't placed in harm's way.

In 2016, nearly 5,987 pedestrians died in motor vehicle related accidents. Many more suffered a pedestrian accident injury. This is the highest rate of injuries and fatalities since 1990, and marks a 46% increase over the number of deaths reported in 2008.

Fatal pedestrian accidents on arterials have risen 67% since 2010, and fatalities on interstates/freeways have risen 49%. On collector roads and local roads, the rate has risen a rather modest 9%. In urban areas, the number of fatalities has risen 54% since 2010. By comparison, the fatality rate in rural areas has risen 25%. The rate of fatal accidents at non-intersections has risen 50%, while the rate at intersections has risen 35%.

Pedestrian accident injuries are rising in Kansas but not as fast as they are across the rest of the country. Nationwide, pedestrian accidents often happen at busy intersections during warm weather months, when more pedestrians are out. While most accidents occur during the daylight hours, pedestrians are at greater risk at dawn, dusk, and after sundown due to diminished daylight, sun glare, and outright darkness reducing motorists' visibility. Nationwide, the rate of fatal accidents occurring after dark has risen 56% since 2010, while the rate of fatal pedestrian accidents occurring at dawn or dusk has risen 27%.

These sharp increases in accident rates highlight the importance of protecting individuals from a pedestrian accident injury. Pedestrians should take care to wear the proper clothing for conditions and should stick to walking on well-lit roads and raised sidewalks. At the same time, urban planners and city managers can reduce the danger by increasing lighting on heavily used pedestrian routes, building more and better defined raised sidewalks, and improving markings along crosswalks, and bike paths.

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