How Can an Insurance Company Delay or Hinder a Legitimate Claim?

How Can an Insurance Company Delay or Hinder a Legitimate Claim?

How can an insurance company delay or hinder a legitimate insurance claim? What can consumers do to protect themselves when an insurance provider doesn't want to pay? Insurance companies have a vested interest in not paying claims or offering less than the claim is worth. When bad faith negotiation and other underhanded tactics come into play, drivers in Kansas have every right to protect their personal interests and hold the insurance provider accountable for their actions.

Common Tactics for Delaying or Hindering Legitimate Insurance Claims

One of the most common tactics used by insurance providers to delay or deny a claim is to argue that there is inaccurate or missing information within a police report. This may include your name not being listed, spelling errors, or a lack of witnesses. A common item left off police reports is injuries. This is particularly common with soft tissue injuries that may not be recorded until days or weeks after the accident. One way to counter this is to receive immediate medical treatment. This establishes a baseline that can be connected to your injuries as they develop.

The insurance company may also request for more facts than are required to process the claim. They can initiate wave upon wave of requests for your medical records and fresh medical opinions from their doctors, repair estimates from their shops, etc. Drivers in Kansas should know that when a motor vehicle accident occurs, you have every right to counter the insurance company's position with medical opinions and repair estimates from unbiased sources of your choice.

Similarly, an insurance company may argue that an injury is a pre-existing condition. This is a cheap trick, and the fact is that many states allow you to recover compensation when a motor vehicle accident exacerbates or aggravates a previous health condition.

An unscrupulous insurance company may also attempt to create doubt in the mind of the insured party. They may claim that because you missed a physical therapy session that you're feeling better. Or, they may argue that because no one else was injured, there's no way you could have suffered an injury. They may also claim that the treatments you are undergoing are inconsistent with the types of injuries you claim occurred in the accident. These tactics are part of an effort to either get you to drop your claim or to accept a reduced settlement offer.

The insurance company may also engage in blatant bad faith insurance practices. They can initiate character attacks based on your driving history of claims records. They can cite actions such as speeding, driving without a license, etc. as reasons to deny the claim. They can deliberately delay sending required documents until there is no reasonable ability for you to comply with filing deadlines, etc. They can "lose" paperwork, and much more.

Taking Action

When an insurance company doesn't want to pay a legitimate insurance claim, drivers in Kansas should reach out to a motor vehicle accident attorney. Accident attorneys can help clients navigate the tactics insurers use to deny claims and help them recover the compensation they are entitled to receive.

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