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Does Truck Driver Health Impact Accident Risk?

Does Truck Driver Health Impact Accident Risk?

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Does a truck driver's health impact their risk of an accident? What health factors are most likely to cause a truck driver to create an accident? Truck driving is a demanding profession, and the health of the driver affects their ability to safely operate their vehicle. It is not unheard of for accident investigators and trucking accident attorneys to identify heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, or drug/alcohol addiction as contributing causes in a large truck crash.

A study published in the Journal of Occupational Medicine in 2017 examined the health records of 38,184 large truck drivers. 34% of the drivers examined within the study had at least one significant medical condition known to diminish driving ability and performance. These conditions included heart disease, diabetes, and back pain. Nationwide, the personal injury rate of truck drivers is approximately 29 for every 100 million vehicle miles of travel. The study determined that drivers with three or more concomitant medical conditions were at increased risk of causing a large truck accident. For drivers with three or more ailments, the injury rate skyrocketed to 93 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration estimates that 28% of large truck drivers suffer from sleep apnea. Drivers who are overweight, smoke, or are over 40 are at significant risk of developing the disorder. Diabetes is another large truck accident risk factor and nearly 14% of truck drivers have either Type I or Type II diabetes, a rate that is notably higher than the 9.4% recorded within the general population.

This high rate of diabetes isn't surprising, as corroborating data shows that nearly 70% of truck drivers are obese and obesity is a known risk factor for the development of both diabetes and heart disease. Each of these conditions can negatively affect the driver's visual and cognitive alertness, judgement, and reaction times. As these are diminished, the risk of a truck crash increases. Thus, a truck driver's health is linked to their ability to safely operate their vehicle and it can be investigated by trucking accident attorneys as a contributing cause.

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