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Do You Have a Car Accident Checklist?

Do You Have a Car Accident Checklist?

Do you have a car accident checklist? Do you know what steps to take when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, or Texas? Motor vehicle accidents happen in the blink of an eye and the clock starts ticking on an accident claim the moment the vehicles come to a stop. When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, elevated adrenaline levels and stress hormones can make it difficult to focus and concentrate on the steps you need to take. Placing a car accident checklist inside a notebook within your glove box can help you regain your focus and take the appropriate steps forward.

Brad Pistotnik Law's Car Accident Checklist

1. Examine Yourself & Passengers for Personal Injuries

Move slowly and cautiously to a safe location and examine yourself for bruises, scrapes, lacerations, broken bones, etc. It is imperative that you move out of the path of nearby traffic. Once in a safe location, note any injuries you discover. Once you have inspected yourself, inspect your passengers, and tend to their immediate needs.

2. Contact First Responders

Always dial 911 following a motor vehicle accident. First, inform the dispatcher of the location of the accident and any known injuries. Follow the dispatcher's instructions and guidance until help arrives. If you are unable to contact an emergency responder, request help from an eyewitness or the other driver.

3. Gather Contact Information From Eyewitnesses and the Other Driver

Collect contact information and brief eyewitness statements from eyewitnesses to the accident. Once gathered, collect the contact and insurance information of the other driver.

4. Take Photographs and Video

Photograph and record the accident scene and any injuries caused by the collision using your cell phone. Make sure to record all damage as well as license plates of other vehicles that were present when the accident occurred.

5. Use Your Right to Remain Silent

Do not admit fault to the other driver, law enforcement, EMT's, eyewitnesses, or insurance providers.

6. Contact Your Insurer

Notify your insurance provider that an accident has occurred. Inform them of the time, location, and any known injuries or property damage.

7. Write Your Thoughts Down

What events led to the crash? What actions do you remember? What happened during the crash? Write everything you can remember down in your personal notebook. This information can help preserve, and help recover, critical details of the motor vehicle accident.

7. Undergo Medical Examination

Always undergo a thorough medical exam following a motor vehicle accident. These records can be used to establish the full extent of your injuries.

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