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Christmas 2015 toy Give A Way at Brad Pistotnik Law

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Christmas 2015 toy Give A Way Brad Pistotnik Law. This year we broke all the barriers and did it. We gave away nearly 5,000 toys on December 20, 2015. My entire staff and their families were there to help us help children who are less fortunate. This year has been the best. Moving away from Central at my old office and out to our new office at 10111 E. 21st Street North, Suite 204, Wichita, Kansas 67206 made the event fun and safe for everyone. Thanks to the Wichita Police Department who sent several officers out to assist us with the toy give a way. The staff started on Sunday in the morning and we were lucky enough to wrap it up about five p.m. I to have to say that giving away stuffed bears to several babies and small children around one to two years of age made me feel great! One little girl smiled at me with her one tooth and hugged the bear that we gave her. That made the entire event worth it. I would have been thankful even if I didn’t get one more smile. I had hundreds of children and parents who smiled at me and thanked me. Many of the parents were so grateful that it made me cry. It is hard to say how good it feels to help little children. Shaking hands and hugging people all day wore me out. My staff and I clapped at the end of the event. We all feel happy that we were able to alter hundreds of children’s holidays. Everyone who has not given a child in need a toy this year should think about how important it is to make a child feel better for the holidays. Many parents in Wichita are having a hard time due to many large corporations pulling out of Wichita to head to Dallas and warmer places. Unfortunately, for many, this left thousands of families struggling. We can all bring Wichita back to normal if we try. All you have to do is give a little and make some other child in need smile back at you. The feeling is impossible to describe. One child’s smile makes up for every bad part of a day or week. My whole staff and my family made this a reality. Thanks to everyone else named here:

Christina Pistotnik

JoAnna Pistotnik

Tony Atterbury

Karen Atterbury

Isabelle Atterbury

Christine Couch

Barbara Cooper and Victor

Jeremy Case and Gina

Jim Everett and family

Karla Romero and Juan Carlos

Reyna Berumen and Arnulfo

Bill Barr

Brandon Rush

Cassie Howard and Aaron

Billy from Walmart and family

Bones from Cincinnati

The management and staff from Walmart in Derby, Kansas who helped us spend all day Saturday buying and loading toys and helping give us a discount so we could buy more toys.

Help make Wichita a better place to live and give a gift to someone in need this year. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Brad Pistotnik Law, family and staff.

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