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Car Accidents: The Aftermath & Insurance Companies Quick Settlement Offer by Brad Pistotnik Law Accident Attorney

Car Accidents: The Aftermath & Insurance Companies Quick Settlement Offer

In the aftermath of a Kansas car accident, insurance companies often prey on the vulnerability of the victims, and are very quick to make contact with them. They may ask for a statement from a victim, which can be damaging to their hopes of filing a successful claim in the future. Or, they may offer a quick cash settlement. In reality, insurance companies are typically trying to resolve a car accident before the victim decides to obtain legal counsel. This is where a personal injury attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law can help.

There are many injuries that can be sustained in a car accident in Wichita, Kansas including whiplash, spine injuries, head injuries and bone fractures. Brad Pistotnik Law Accident Attorneys are familiar with all of these different types of injuries. Personal Injury Lawyer Brad Pistotnik has been helping injury accident victims since he started Pistotnik Law in 1983. Don’t give a statement to the insurance company! Call Brad Pistotnik first before you ruin your case!

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Research has shown time and time again that utilizing the services of a personal injury attorney not only increases an individual’s chances of receiving compensation after a car accident, but it also increases the amount of damages that are awarded to the victim. Insurance companies know this fact. That is why they go to great lengths to quickly resolve matters. This is very important information to know. After an injury accident it can be difficult to think beyond the present and focus on the bigger picture. A quick initial settlement from an insurance company might be tempting for the victim, but it may not be in the best interest of the injured person, their future or their family’s future.

Pistotnik Law Office founder Brad Pistotnik would like to help you if you have been injured in a car accident. Brad Pistotnik Law Accident Lawyers and staff would like to help you before you take that quick settlement from the insurance company. You can reach Brad on his mobile at 316-706-5020 or at his office 316-684-4400. All over the state of Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska Pistotnik can be reached at 1-800-241-BRAD. Call Brad now for a free consultation.