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Can You Pursue Claims for Loss of Sight?

Can You Pursue Claims for Loss of Sight?

accident injury Can you pursue compensation claims for a disfiguring accident or injury that causes you to lose your sight? How often do people suffer injuries that results in loss of sight in the United States? Eye injuries are some of the most common worksite injuries. These types of injuries can be caused by burns, punctures, falls, etc. When an individual loses sight in one or both eyes, it negatively impacts their earning capacity and mental health.

Thousands of Workers Suffer Eye Injuries Each Week

Loss of sight is a common disfiguring, and sometimes disabling workplace injury. In 2007, it was estimated that each week nearly 14,000 workers suffered eye injuries. Of those who experienced an eye injury, it was estimated that 66% were wearing no eye protection, or the wrong eye protection at the time of their accident. That same year, it was estimated that eye injury accidents resulted in more than $300 million per year in medical bills, compensation, and lost productivity. In fact, in 2008 more than 27,000 days of lost productivity were recorded stemming from workplace eye injuries.

Of those who were injured, 80% were men between the ages of 25 and 44. Of these, nearly 38% suffered eye injuries from splinters or debris. This data highlights the responsibility of employers to ensure that their employees have proper eye protection. For instance, safety glasses, arc rated face shields, spectacles, welding goggles, welding helmets, etc.

OSHA Standards and Training Can Protect Workers

Further, employers are required to adhere to OSHA standards that stipulate employee training, regular repairs, and replacement of damaged eye protection. This is especially important whenever the employee is involved in manufacturing, construction, or other trade jobs. When an employer fails to provide protective equipment, repair damaged items, or ensure proper usage of such protection, they negligently place the health and safety of their employees in danger of a potentially disabling loss of sight injury.

In Kansas, the courts use the American Medical Association guidelines when determining compensation for vision loss. These guidelines include determining the extent of the individual's loss of vision and the injury's economic impact on their lifestyle and earning capacity.

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