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Can I go to the hospital after my car wreck or should I stay home due to Covid-19?

Is it really safe at the hospital during COVID?

Hospital safety after motorcycle and car accidents during COVID-19 and coronavirus.This blog is written on July 27, 2020.

According to daily reports on Google and CDC as of this date there were only 338 deaths in Kansas from COVID-19 and only 26,439 confirmed cases out of the entire state with almost 3 million citizens. These numbers do not reflect the undocumented aliens which likely puts the state up to around 3.5 million in population as of July of 2020.

Contrary to popular belief and fake news reports, as of this entry, these are the accurate death counts by county:

  • Sedgwick County (Wichita), 36 Deaths
  • Ford County (Dodge City), 10 Deaths
  • Finney County (Garden City), 10 Deaths
  • Saline County (Salina) 4 Deaths
  • Seward County (Liberal) 4 Deaths
  • Butler County (El Dorado / Augusta) 0 Deaths
  • Cowley County (Ark City) 2 Deaths
  • Sumner County (Wellington / Winfield) 3 Deaths
  • Barton County (Great Bend) 3 Deaths

The rest of Kansas has similar low infection rates with the exception of some pockets near the Kansas City and Overland Park area.

Seek Medical Attention over Irrational Fears

If you get in a car wreck, motorcycle accident, large truck or semi accident or pedestrian accident it is highly important that you be seen by qualified emergency room nurses and doctors. Sedgwick County EMS has been scaring people away from local hospitals in Wichita with no valid basis. The EMS workers are not doctors and they are not qualified to tell a car accident injury victim whether to go to the hospital by scaring people with their own fears of Covid. Over the past several months we have had several critically injured car accident victims who had Sedgwick County EMS tell them not to go to the hospital. Many of these people were hurt so bad they went later the same day or the next day and had head injuries with bleeds, wrist fractures, spine injuries and all of them were badly hurt and needed to be immediately seen by a hospital emergency room doctor. The irrational fear of Covid is causing many car accident victims in Wichita to avoid hospitals and not get the emergency care as they need.

Hospitals You Can Visit After Your Car or Motorcycle Accident

If you have a car accident, motorcycle accident or truck accident and believe you are hurt go to the hospital immediately and use your car PIP insurance that will pay the first $4,500.00 of medical bills. Do not talk to the insurance adjusters for your car insurance or the other side’s insurance adjuster because they are not calling to help you. They are calling to make you give a tape recorded statement to hurt your case. Always carry a mask with you and wear it when you go to the hospital. You can go to any of the following hospitals in the Wichita and the surrounding areas.

Ascension Via Christi St. Francis
Ascension Via Christi St. Joseph
Rock Regional Hospital in Derby
Wesley Derby ER
Wesley Medical Center
Wesley Woodlawn Hospital & ER
Hutchinson Regional Medical Center
Newton Medical Center
Salina Regional Medical Center
St. Catherine’s Hospital
Western Plains Regional Medical Center
Southwest Medical Center
University of Kansas Great Bend
Hays Medical Center

Calling In The Bull

Call Brad Pistotnik Law at 800-241-BRAD or call Brad at 316-706-5020 and we will give you a free consultation immediately. We are not afraid of the Covid outbreak and have never closed down, not one day during this pandemic. We wear masks when we see you and ask that you do the same. That way we are all protected. Always call us immediately after your car, truck, motorcycle or other pedestrian accident before you talk to any insurance company.