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Can Distracted Driving Cause a Traffic Wreck in a Parking Lot?

Can Distracted Driving Cause a Traffic Wreck in a Parking Lot?

traffic wreck parking lotCan distracted driving cause a traffic wreck in a parking lot? Can drivers proactively protect themselves from causing a wreck or being injured by a distracted driver? The reality is that many drivers engage in distracted driving behaviors within parking lots. It is a leading cause of the more than 50,000 parking lot crashes that occur each year in the US. These motorists negligently place others at risk of serious injury or wrongful death in an auto accident. Avoiding these risks requires focusing on driving and staying alert to the actions of motorists entering and exiting the parking lot.

Driving Distracted in the Parking Lot

In 2016, the National Safety Council (NSC) conducted a survey of distracted driving behaviors in the United States. The survey discovered that 63% of motorists programmed their GPS systems while driving through parking lots. It also showed that 56% of motorists sent texts while driving.

52% of survey respondents said that they updated/checked social media profiles while driving. 50% of respondents answered that they sent/received emails. A shocking 49% said they took photos or watched videos.

Between 40-60% of these electronic distractions involved the use of a manual device such as a Smartphone or watch. However, the number of distractions performed on dash mounted systems is increasing. At present, dash mounted systems are accountable for between 15-37% of driving distractions. This is the result of an increase in the number of dash mounted systems installed on motor vehicles.

Finally, grooming is another common distraction in parking lots. 59% of teenagers and 53% of adults responded that they groomed themselves while the vehicle was in motion.

Proactively Preventing a Traffic Wreck

Motorists can prevent parking lot accidents by not engaging distractions. Distractions diminish a driver's cognitive, visual, and manual control over the vehicle. Pedestrians can reduce the risk by walking on sidewalks, staying out of the lane of travel, and closely monitoring the motion of nearby vehicles. These steps and simple actions can considerably reduce the risk of a traffic wreck.

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