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Can a Child's Car Seat Make a Difference in Life or Death?

Can a Child's Car Seat Make a Difference in Life or Death?

Can a child's car seat make a difference between life and death? What steps should parents take to protect their children on car trips in Kansas? Children are at considerable risk of injury or death in a motor vehicle accident. This is why the law requires parents to properly secure young children in car seats or booster seats. Parents can help protect their children by not only knowing the law, but also by making sure they know how to properly use and secure their children in the vehicle on every trip down the road.

Car Accidents and Children

In 2017, 677 children under the age of 13 died in motor vehicle accidents. This is a significant decrease from the 730 who died in 2016. Overall, the number of children who suffer a fatality has declined dramatically from the peak of 1,469 who died in 1989. Since 1978, the number of deaths per million children has declined by 78%. As of 2017, that rate stands at 12.8 per million children in the United States. Nationwide, children under the age of 13 represent roughly 3% of all motor vehicle fatalities.

Car Seats Save Lives; Correct Use Saves Even More

Most states have laws that prohibit transporting children in the front seat until they reach a certain age/weight. This is critical, as 12% of children who die do so while riding in the front seat. This is a sharp decrease from the 46% who died in 1976 when few laws existed that restricted children to the rear seat.

Each year, approximately 120,000 children suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Proper use of a car seat can reduce the risk of injury or death by as much as 70%. Even so, it's estimated that up to 618,000 children under the age of 14 are transported at least one time per year without the use of a proper child seat, booster seat, or restraint system.

Moreover, it's estimated that approximately 59% of car seats and 20% of booster seats are improperly installed or used incorrectly. Parents who are unsure of how to use their child's seat or install it in the vehicle can contact local organizations such as the fire department or police department who often have programs to inspect seats, install them in the vehicle, and show parents how to properly use them. Most of these programs are free, and all of them can help parents protect their children from serious injury or death.

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