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Auto Accident Laws Requires Representation

If you've been in an auto accident, your first instinct may be to inform your auto-insurance company, but it's usually a better idea to contact your attorney. Auto accident law is complicated. From insurance to local exigencies of law enforcement, there is no shortage of ways you can be overhauled by the system. Following are three things you should do immediately in the event of personal injury.

1. Be Sure To Have An Attorney In Your Contacts
Statutes of limitation predicate swift action in personal injury cases. Insurance organizations are equally quick to prevent you from obtaining the just settlement for your injuries. Sometimes, though well-meaning and extensively trained, peace officers may likewise infringe your ability to correct requisite justice in the event of an auto accident. For all these things legal representation offers a solution.

2. Extensively Document
Don't lose a single piece of paper or bit of contact information. Write down license plates, phone numbers, and names. Take pictures, video, and document any injuries you can. Especially serious injury will usually result in emergency room documentation, but be sure to collect copies of all information you can regardless. It may be integral to obtaining your settlement.

3. Pace Yourself
An auto accident can really upset the apple cart, especially when extensive personal injury is involved. Be sure to pace yourself and refrain from over-extension. Injuries can multiply on themselves when already stressed people spread themselves thinner than they can handle. Realize that you may have a rough legal road ahead. It's going somewhere, but it may take some time to get there.

Brad Pistotnik Law of Wichita, Kansas has expertise when it comes to auto accident law. They've seen literally thousands of cases across the state of Kansas, and they've even done some work beyond the state. Areas where legal representation has been sustained on the part of Pistotnik Law include Nebraska, Illinois, and Oklahoma. Pro Hac Vice work is regularly conducted by this legal group in Texas and Missouri as well. They've also expanded beyond their regular city of influence, and have taken cases in auto accident law across a broad range of cities, towns, highways and interstates in Kansas. Cities included in their penumbra of service are Dodge City, Liberal, Garden City, Hutchinson, Hays, Salina, Colby, emporia, Newton, McPherson, Arkansas City, Winfield, Hugoton, Goodland, Topeka, Kansas City, Pittsburg, Coffeyville, Wellington, Arkansas City, Kingman, Pratt, Great Bend, Satanta, El Dorado, Augusta, Manhattan, Junction City, Abiline, and a number of others. Don't worry if you're not near Wichita; should you sustain a personal injury in an auto accident, Brad Pistotnik Law is available 24 hours a day.

Brad Pistotnik Law concentrates in personal injury law, including injuries of a catastrophic nature; like paralysis, death, coma, or amputation. Other specific areas of expertise include tractor-trailer accidents, car accidents, bike accidents, accidents involving commercial vehicles, accidents involving medical malpractice, negligence in the nursing home, and much more.

Construction in Kansas is ongoing, and often incorporates crews on a variety of interstates and highways. Brad Pistotnik Law has handled cases on highways 50, 56, 400, 83, 183, 54, as well as interstates 35 and 70. They're well versed in helping clients from either side of the fence. Sometimes construction workers are negligent, and it results in a non-worker getting injured; though often it is the other way around. It doesn't matter to Brad Pistotnik Law. His aim is to get you the best possible settlement in the event of any injury.

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