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Are Motorcycle Fatalities Declining?

Are fatalities from motorcycle accidents declining? What can riders do to mitigate the risks involved in riding down the road? Motorcyclists face considerable risk of injury or death while riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle accident statistics from 2017 show that the number of fatalities is declining, but the proportion of motorcyclists killed in motor vehicle accidents remains steady.

Nationwide, there were 5,286 motorcycle accident fatalities in 2016. This represented roughly 14% of all motor vehicle accident fatalities. That number declined to 4,990 in 2017. However, for every mile driven, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to suffer a fatal accident than drivers or occupants of passenger vehicles.

While 30 states experienced recent declines in motorcycle accident fatalities, in Kansas the prevalence of fatal accidents involving motorcycles is rising. In 2013, there were 965 accidents. This rose to 970 in 2014, and rose again to 992 in 2015. The number of fatalities has also risen sharply during this period. In 2014, 46 people died. This dropped to 42 in 2015 but rose to 52 in 2015. However, overall motorcycle accident statistics show that these incidents account for 1.6% of all accidents in Kansas since 2012. Brad Pistotnik Law always helps motorcycle riders and understand that these cases are unique because he was a bike rider for years.

Alcohol use remains a leading cause of motorcycle accident fatalities. Motorcycle accident statistics show that it is a factor in approximately 25% of fatal accidents. Age is also an increasingly common factor, with the average age of motorcycles who suffer a fatality rising from 40 to 43. I believe that the texting, mapping and cellular phone use with distracted driving is a large danger to motorcycle riders.

Motorcyclists can mitigate their risk a serious injury or fatal accident by wearing helmets, ensuring they wear proper clothing, performing routine motorcycle maintenance, and avoiding alcohol consumption before any ride. Most importantly, motorcyclists should avoid distractions and remain cognizant of changes to road conditions and the actions of other motorists. Next to alcohol, motorcycle accident statistics show that distracted riding is the second-leading cause of motorcycle accidents in the United States.

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