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The 8 Myths of Personal Injury Law

Are you struggling to work through the myths and facts of personal injury law? Tort can be confusing for laypeople because the world is riddled with lore and fables about it. Once you’ve received a little professional guidance and clarity, it will become much less intimidating. This is where Brad Pistotnik has you covered.

Myth One: The Defendant Will Cover the Costs If I Win

The majority of tort case damages are covered by insurers, particularly when the defendant has broad general liability insurance. In recent years, such policies have become less restrictive. In the past, they frequently came with indemnifications and a long list of limitations. National regulations have largely restricted this practice.

Myth Two: If Police Reports and Medical Files Are Inaccurate, I Don’t Have a Case.

Police reports and medical files play an important role in your case, but they’re not always perfect. Your lawyer will collect evidence to disprove false information. If your collision, accident, or injury has been incorrectly recorded, eyewitness reports and video footage will be used to correct shoddy accounts.

Myth Three: Personal Injury Damages are Only Physical

Injuries aren't always related to only physical symptoms. They can keep you away from work, negatively affect your quality of life, and create psychological harm. All of these injuries warrant legal compensation.

Myth Four: My Case Will Last Several Years

Most personal injury cases are settled from two to four years, up to and including the time spent waiting for the court application. Some are settled out of court, and the majority are relatively uncomplicated in that damages and blame are easy to establish. Delays tend to happen when your injuries are disputed and/or severe.

Myth Five: Medical Malpractice Suits Raise Healthcare Costs

This myth benefits big business. The truth is litigation takes up only about 2% of healthcare spending. Less than 8% of the diagnostics US doctors run are because of fear of legal liability. The majority of tests and procedures have been found to be medically necessary.

Myth Six: Tort Cases are Frivolous

Tort cases are only won when damages have been comprehensively proven. These lawsuits must also establish a clear and direct link between the plaintiff's harm and the actions of the defendant. The civil justice system tries to correct power imbalances and gives those who have been wronged a way to gain their due compensation. Only 1.3% of all civil cases are related to tort.

Myth Seven: Greed Underpins All Tort Cases

Tort cases compensate for losses directly related to negligence. They’re not get-rich-quick schemes, but rather a necessary recourse when an injury has cost you dearly.

Myth Eight: If Your Injuries Appear Weeks or Months After the Accident, You Have No Case

Many car accident or work site injuries do not emerge immediately after the initial harm is done. Whiplash, seizure focuses, and other symptoms often emerge within months of the initial injury, hiding signs of more serious problems until then. That’s why there’s a statute of limitations to guide you.

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