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How does winter snow and ice cause car accidents and large truck and fleet vehicle accidents?

Wichita Forecasts an Increase in Large Truck Accidents due to Winter Weather

Winter weather brings dangerous conditions to Wichita, Kansas for truck accidents.Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding state had heavy snow and ice in December of 2020 and especially over New Year’s Eve and day. According to Storm Team 12 and KWCH, Wichita had up to six and a half inches of snow on New Year’s Day breaking records. The record snowfall caused significant crashes for cars and trucks in Wichita and across Kansas. Drivers must be more alert during winter driving because cars and trucks lose traction in the snow, ice and most dangerously in black ice. We routinely get calls from married couples injured in accidents and they say no one is to blame. Unfortunately, the driver is to blame. We can always help the passenger but not the driver.

Kansas requires that people are not allowed to drive faster than the weather conditions permit. In certain bad icy conditions this may mean the driver should not be going faster than 10-20 mph. When on highways and going over icy overpasses like on 96, on Kellogg and the highway known as U.S. 54 also known as Highway 400, there are many dangerous areas.

Approximately 17% of all accidents occur during winter weather.

Accidents increase in Wichita, Kansas and surrounding area as predictions forecast largest snowing and icy conditions in almost a century.

Winter driving is especially dangerous in highways within Wichita and across the state from Kansas City to Garden City and Goodland. According to the NHTSA approximately 17% of all accidents occur during the winter due to road conditions. It is known that weather related accidents from ice, snow and black ice kill more people across the U.S. nationally each year than from tornados and hurricanes or other warmer weather events. Approximately 156,000 car crashes occur each year due to the weather events according to statistics from

According to a 2019 study from the Federal Highway Administration, weather related accidents and crashes happen from snowfall and sleet which creates dangerous conditions. Geico has published information on the fact that it takes 10 times longer to stop on icy roadways than on dry pavement.

weather forces DOT to publish truck regulations for OPERATING in CONDITIONS

Bad weather conditions are of such significant concern that the DOT and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published regulations requiring large truck and tractor-trailer drivers to stop driving in hazardous conditions. 49 CFR § 392.14 specifically requires truck drivers to exercise extreme caution in the operation of commercial motor vehicles whenever snow, ice, sleet, mist and rain are present and requires the commercial driver to either reduce speed or to completely discontinue driving until safe operation can be resumed.


According to approximately 465 crashes were reported on New Year’s Eve of the end of 2019 across Kansas. This year, the snow and icy conditions were reported to be higher than any weather event during this same time frame for 96 years so the total number of accidents in Wichita, Sedgwick County and across the state was likely the highest it has been in decades. The National Safety Council estimated that approximately 384 people would die on the nation’s roads over this past holiday.

Remember to buckle up and drive slowly or don’t drive at all after snow and ice storms and for several days after the storm is over because the roads and highways will freeze at night making slick black ice spots that cannot be visibly seen in the day or especially at night.


Winter weather is dangerous and we are facing records levels of ice and snow on Wichita roadways. With the increase in large truck accidents and car wrecks due to winter conditions you can need to know you can call us anytime. Both Brad Pistotnik and Tony Atterbury answer phones on nights, weekends and holidays. Brad’s cell phone is 316-706-5020. Tony’s cell phone is 316-617-9237, we will give you a free consultation immediately.