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May, 29 2020
Emergency responders of all professions can protect themselves from COVID-19 by following these recommendations from the CDC, USFA, and HHS.
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May, 25 2020
Relaxed trucking industry regulations could result in more big rig accidents, which motorists should stay alert for on their next trip through town.
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May, 19 2020
Commercial site accidents are common in the construction industry, including falls, strikes by objects, electrocutions, and being caught between objects.
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May, 18 2020
As a result of the pandemic, states are introducing legislation and amending existing workers' compensation rules to account for COVID-19 exposures.
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May, 17 2020
The Kansas legislature along with the KTLA worked on this law years ago trying to make sure it was fair to everyone. The reason that you need equal limits of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is because whenever you have a car accident,…
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May, 15 2020
Our personal injury lawyers can help you recover compensation for personal injuries, property damage, and wrongful deaths from an ATV accident.
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May, 12 2020
Employees have the right to report COVID-19 safety violations at work and to hire a workplace safety attorney for any violations that cause harm.
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